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Big Crystal (大きな結晶, Ōkina Kesshō) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 4

Big Crystal
RF4Big Crystal.png A big crystal made of something that's been mixed together. It is said that it's made up of people's thoughts.
Category Crystals Sell 16000G Buy N/A Rarity -
[Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 83 ATK +40 M.ATK +40


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Bone Boots 33 Strong Vine Big Crystal Shells and Bones
Crafting Table Feather Boots 54 Orichalcum Big Bird's Comb Big Crystal Feathers Strings


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Dragon's Fang 86 Earthwyrm Scale Big Crystal Rune Crystal Sticks and Stems
Forge Frost Axe 42 Platinum Dragon Fang Big Crystal Water Crystal Aquamarine
Forge Saint Axe 98 Rune Sphere Shard Light Crystal White Crystal Small Crystal Big Crystal
Forge Crystal Hammer 57 Orichalcum Crystal Skull Big Crystal Shards
Forge Fists of Light 53 Orichalcum Light Crystal Light Crystal Big Crystal
Forge Magic Broom 82 Ancient Orc Cloth Moving Branch Rune Crystal Big Crystal Strings

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