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Ivan is a travelling merchant who visits Kardia every week on Holiday. Every week, he brings a different set of items. Ivan sells many home appliances and other recreational items. It is possible that Raguna is Ivan's long-lost brother, at least Ivan's peddling in hopes of finding him.

Open 9 AM - 6 PM on holidays.


Week 1 Kitchen Small 1,000 G
Refrigerator Small
Week 2 Cheese Maker
Mayonnaise Maker
Seed Maker
Yarn Maker
Yoghurt Maker
Week 3 Shelves Small
Large 2,000 G
Table Set Small 500 G
Large 1,000 G
Week 4 Frying Pan 1,500 G
Knife Set 1,000 G
Mixer 700 G
Oven 2,000 G
Pot 1,200 G
Steamer 800 G
Week 5 Double Bed 10,000 G

The large version of appliances & furniture, along with the Double Bed require an expanded home.