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Belpha Ruins (ベルファ遺跡, Berufa Iseki) is a location in Rune Factory 5.


This area is originally blocked off with the character saying they're not allowed in. It is available after the main character becomes a proper SEED ranger, and Livia tells them that she's noticed a disturbance in the runes in this area.


Item Gold

Inner Locations

Belpha Ruins B1

Belpha Ruins B1 Labeled.png

Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
A1 - 1x Box - -
A2 Goblin - - -
B1 Goblin, Goblin Archer - - -
B2 Goblin - - -
C1 - 1x Box - -
C2 Fake Green Pepper - - -
D1 - - - Long hallway with swinging axes.
D2 Goblin, Goblin Archer Chocolate, Leather Gloves Side room has a chest.
D3 - - - A giant ball rolls down the hallway. There are small alcoves to hide in.
E1 - - Blue Ribbon, Cookie Go up to Belpha Ruins B2

Belpha Ruins B2

Belpha Ruins B2 Labeled.png

Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
F1 - - - -
F2 Fake Bell Pepper - - -
F3 Insect Top exit blocked by red wall. Red switch in room.
F4 - - - -
F5 Goblin - - -
G1 - - - -
G2 Fake Bell Pepper - Zweihaender, Apple Pie Side room has yellow switch.
H1 -
H2 Goblin Archer
H3 Ghost, Fake Bell Pepper - Toy Hammer, Dumplings Defeating all monsters reveals a chest. Side room has blue switch.
I1 - - x4 Recovery Potion Side room in hallway contains chest.
I2 - - - -
I3 Insect - - -
I4 Sky Fish - Light Barrier Defeating monsters reveals chest and pink switch.
J1 - - - Giant ball circles hallway. Ore in bottom alcove.
J2 - - - Entrance blocked by blue, yellow, and pink walls. Contains 4 ore veins. Up to enter Belpha Ruins B3.

Belpha Ruins B3

The final room where the player fights Cerberus. Hallways on the other side is blocked by a wall.