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...What the hell is this?
Marry me, Teacher!
Just kidding.
Y-you can't be serious.
Students deserve love.
Just kidding.
Not like that, they don't.
"Sorry, but I can't do this.
Especially if you're pretending
to be a student."
Can I at least get a hug?
I was just kidding.
...Will that get you to give up?
I was just kidding.
It was just a joke.
...Don't make fun of teachers, all
"Can't you come up with better pranks
than that?"
Oh hey, I can have this?
Thanks. It's one of my +favorites+.

Ugh. I +hate+ this stuff...
"But I hate wasting things even
more. I'll take it home with me."
What's with that oversized eggplant?
I hate eggplants.
And how did it get that huge...?

Oh, thanks.
I appreciate it.
What's wrong? Tired?