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Barrett (バレット, Baretto) is a character in Rune Factory 4.



Barrett is a character from Rune Factory 2, but has come to Selphia to investigate the monster gates. He can examine Lest or Frey's equipment and will tell them which materials were used to upgrade said item.

The main character will tease Barrett about his drinking habits (though he doesn't have any), trying to say that he was drunk instead of nauseous from an air balloon ride and teasing him when they think he asks for sake instead of salmon.


Since the ending of Rune Factory 2, he has developed a new hairstyle. He claims that the children in Barrett's class put his hair in his braid while asleep. Since it made his students happy, he decided to keep it.


Barrett will be brought in by Arthur, when the residents of Selphia band together to try and find access to the Forest of Beginnings to reach Leon and rescue Ventuswill. Barrett will speak about an ancient spell called Omni Gate, which was previously used by another Earthmate to retrieve a person.

When Lest/Frey reveals themselves as an Earthmate, Barrett will teach them how to use the spell. He also entrusts a special item to Lest/Frey for their journey, giving them an accessory that will be able to one person back to the real world from the Forest of Beginnings.


The player can order Barrett to come to Selphia everyday using the Prince/Princess Points system if they have enough Prince/Princess Points. Once Barrett is befriended, he can join the player in dungeons.


Barrett comments on the De Sainte-Coquille family in Selphia, saying that he could tell there was with just one look and wonders if Max will look similar to the older members of the De Sainte-Coquille family one day. Barrett will tell the main character that the airship makes him nauseous.

Barrett also has/had another child; a baby daughter named Yuri who he claims is a tomboy, and who will be trouble when she's older. Barrett will briefly tell the main character that he has a wife, who is unnamed and a son, named Leonel, who acts quiet and nice.






Salmon, Salted Salmon, Salmon Sashimi, Skipjack Sashimi
Liked Thanks. This stuff can be really useful. I like it. Thanks.
RF4Iron Iron
Neutral Oh, thanks. I appreciate it.
Disliked I'd rather not take it, but it's bad to waste stuff. I guess I'll try to find some use for it...
RF4Withered Grass Withered Grass, RF4Eggplant Eggplant

...What the hell is this?
Marry me, Teacher!
Just kidding.
Y-you can't be serious.
Students deserve love.
Just kidding.
Not like that, they don't.
"Sorry, but I can't do this.
Especially if you're pretending
to be a student."
Can I at least get a hug?
I was just kidding.
...Will that get you to give up?
I was just kidding.
It was just a joke.
...Don't make fun of teachers, all
"Can't you come up with better pranks
than that?"
Oh hey, I can have this?
Thanks. It's one of my +favorites+.

Ugh. I +hate+ this stuff...
"But I hate wasting things even
more. I'll take it home with me."
What's with that oversized eggplant?
I hate eggplants.
And how did it get that huge...?

Oh, thanks.
I appreciate it.
What's wrong? Tired?


35 2100 138 34 78 34 80 68 78
Weapon Type Default Shield
Steel Edge





  • The Lest/Frey's joke about Salmon and Sake comes from the Japanese language, where both Salmon and Sake are "sake" but at different tones.


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