"Shut up! Just leave me alone!"

Barrett (バレット, Barrett) is Mayor Byron's son in Alvarna. He's a bit of a loner, usually staying by himself whenever he's not at home or on the path to Trieste Forest with Dorothy for the Holidays. He keeps to himself most of the time but isn't shy; in fact, he isn't afraid to share his opinion or ask questions. He simply prefers to be alone.

If you don't marry Dorothy, he will on Autumn/Fall 17th in the 3rd year. If you steal away Dorothy on their wedding, or marry her earlier than that, he will be shown in the 2nd generation with Yue as his wife instead. His child in the 2nd generation is Leonel and, despite his attitude, he becomes the afternoon teacher in the 2nd generation.

He teaches afternoon forging and workshop classes as well as helps the 2nd generation character translate the tablets. He is much less distant in the 2nd generation than he is in the 1st generation.


Liked Gifts:

"What, you're giving this to me? Well, I don't mind or anything. Thanks.

Salmon, Salmon Sashimi, Salted Salmon

"This is a nice gift. Thanks. Don't ask what I intend to use it for though.


"Is that for me? Thanks...

Scrap Iron


"I can have this? I don't really need it."

Trash, Fruit, Quality Cloth, Tomato, Cucumber, Pineapple, Proof of Warrior, Corn, Root, Bronze, Pink Cat, Onion, Sandwich, Ruby, Fire Crystal, Orange, Glazed Yam, Pink Turnip, Potato, Spinach, Amethyst, Pumpkin, Moondrop, Toyherb, Emerald, Fruit Sandwich, Apple Pie, Pickles, Pudding, Miso Eggplant, Wind Crystal, Grape, Vegetable Juice, Diamond, Pineapple, Silver, Water Crystal, Sapphire, Earth Crystal, Aquamarine, Bronze, Baked Rice Ball, Para-Gone, Yellow Grass, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Antidote Herb, Medical Herb, Red Grass, Blue Grass, Roundoff, Antidote Herb, Cold Medicine, Formula A, Indigo Grass, White Grass, Neutral Agent, Green Grass, Purple Grass, Miso Eggplant, Cherry Salmon, Salted C. Salmon, Salmon riceball


"Hmph! Why did you bring me something like that? I don't want a _____ at all. I don't need that!"




Barrett can't find his book. He asks Kyle to look at it at various places around town. It can be found in the church. He rewards him with a pole.