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"What is it? If you don't need anything, leave me alone."

Barrett (バレット, Baretto, Barrett[1]) is a character from Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Barrett is the "bad boy" of Alvarna. He keeps to himself most of the time, but isn't afraid to share his opinion or ask questions. He simply prefers to be alone. He frequently requests construction materials from Kyle for some secret project. He also likes to read, and can understand very dense volumes. He has low self-esteem, however, and considers Kyle "weird" for hanging around with him. He suspects that most of the villagers dislike him, and in his bitterness, pushes them away.


Barrett has a fair complexion and blue eyes. He wears a red bandana that tilts over his left eye. His brown hair is messy, and he dresses simply in a white sleeveless shirt, white scarf, dull-purple pair of trousers and holster. He protects his wrists with long leather gauntlets.


Mayor Byron's son. Barrett and his father don't get along very well in the first generation, but seem to have made peace in the second generation. Barrett is friends with Max, though they don't see each other often. Max is the one who asks Kyle to be friends with Barrett, explaining that he might have a tough outer shell, but really is a good person.

Rival Marriage

If Kyle doesn't marry Dorothy, he will marry her on Fall 17th in the 3rd year. If you steal away Dorothy on their wedding, or marry her earlier than that, he will be shown in the 2nd generation with Yue as his wife instead. His child in the 2nd generation is Leonel and, despite his attitude, he becomes the afternoon teacher in the 2nd generation.


In the first generation, Barrett is standoffish and closes himself off from the rest of the village, including Kyle. However, as Kyle befriends him, his self-esteem improves and he realizes that he actually can be liked and understood by others. He also is collecting construction materials, but won't tell Kyle what they're for.

Second Generation

He teaches afternoon forging and workshop classes, apparently having practiced on the materials Kyle helped him gather. He warns Aaron/Aria sternly to stay out of the dungeon, but when they bring him the first set of tablets, he agrees to help translate them.He is much less distant in the 2nd generation than he is in the 1st generation, hanging out with Jake on the Docks when he isn't teaching.


Barrett's favourite gift is a rare fish: Salmon. But his friendship can also be plied with Iron and Scrap Iron, which are common drops in all the dungeons.

Gift Preferences
Skipjack Sashimi
Loved "What, you're giving this to me? Well, I don't mind or anything. Thanks."
Salmon, Salmon Sashimi, Salted Salmon
Liked "This is a nice gift. Thanks."
[1st Gen]"Don't ask what I intend to use it for though."
[2nd Gen]"I might be able to use this for my next lesson."
Iron, Scrap Iron
Neutral "I can have this? I don't really need it."
All other items
Disliked ""Hmph! Why did you bring me something like that? I don't want an EGGPLANT at all. I don't need that!"


Barrett is unemployed, and spends his weekdays by himself either in Cherry Blossom Square or on the bridge in Alvarna - East End in front of Pumpkin General Store. On Festivals, he is with Dorothy on Falling Star Path.


  • Barrett returns in Rune Factory 4 as a traveler and possible companion. In it, he mentions he is married, has children (though its unknown with whom), and is a teacher.