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Bamboo Shoot (タケノコ, Take no Ko), or Bamboo Sprout (RF), is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Bamboo Shoot
File:RFBamboo Shoot.png

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Bamboo Shoot
RF3Bamboo Shoot.png Crisp and aromatic. Grows fast and covers the fields during spring.
Category Veg Sell 12G Buy 300G
Effect HP Rec RP Rec HP Max RP Max STR VIT INT
3hrs +5 +15 +3 +3 +1 +1


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Hands Bamboo Rice 10 Bamboo Shoot Rice - - - -
Steamer Plain Manju 30 Flour Bamboo Shoot Carrot Mixed Herbs - -
Steamer Curry Manju 34 Flour Carrot Curry Powder Bamboo Shoot - -


Neutral Marian Icon.png Marian Pia Icon.png Pia Sofia Icon.png Sofia Carmen Icon.png Carmen Raven Icon.png Raven Wells Icon.png Wells Monica Icon.png Monica Gaius Icon.png Gaius Blaise Icon.png Blaise Marjorie Icon.png Marjorie Sherman Icon.png Sherman Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn Shino Icon.png Shino Carlos Icon.png Carlos Daria Icon.png Daria
Disliked Rusk Icon.png Rusk

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

Bamboo Shoot
Can be found growing in fields. They can be a big help for farmers just starting out.
File:RFToDBamboo Shoot.png Type Ingredient HP Recovery 9 Special Effects
Value 105G RP Recovery 0
Effect Time 0

Rune Factory 4

Bamboo Sprout
RF4Bamboo Sprout.png Known for its crunchy texture and fragrant allure. Grows quickly during spring.
Category Vegetable Sell 40G Buy 200G
[Effects] RP +8 [Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 1 ATK +1


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Simple Bamboo Rice 7 Rice Bamboo Sprout
Steamer Chinese Manju 15 Flour Bamboo Sprout


Loved Porcoline Icon.png Porcoline
Liked Ventuswill Icon.png Ventuswill
Disliked Dolce Icon.png Dolce