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"They look like they're having
trouble deciding. What should
I do?"
Talk up the item.
Sell with a smile.
Lower the price.
Be enthusiastic.
Recommend it.
Put it on sale.
Praise their choice.
Wait patiently.
"I'm sorry, I don't think I can
accept that price."
Please come again.
"Yay! I sold @0@ @アイテム0@
for @1@ Gold!"
Thank you very much!
Please come again!
Thank you for shopping here!
"That was the last of my items.
Everything's been sold."
"Oops! There was nothing
to sell in the Shop Box."
"I should re-open after I put
in items I want to sell."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Sell
With a Smile!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price.
I'd better watch my RP, though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone up!
I've learned the skill ""A Little More!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Lower
the Price!"""
"If I lower the price, there's a
better chance I'll sell it. I'd
better watch my RP though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to 
""Recommend It!"""
"There's a good chance it'll fail,
but I could sell it for a really
high price. Better watch my RP."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Put It 
On Sale!"""
"The price will go way down, but
the chance I'll sell it will go
way up. Better watch my RP!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Be
"It will cost +a lot+ of RP, but
the item will sell for sure!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Talk Up
the Item!"""
"It will cost +a little+ RP, but
the chance I'll sell it will
go up a little."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Praise
Their Choice!"""
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one, too. Better watch my RP!"
"I should try using this skill
when the customer is thinking
hard about whether to buy or not."
"By using +a little+ RP, I can
slightly raise the chance the
item will sell."
"It might not work, but I can try
to sell this at a higher price.
It'll use +a little+ RP."
"If I lower the price a little,
there's a better chance the item
will sell. It'll use +some+ RP."
"This will use +a lot+ of RP,
but the item will sell for sure."
"I could try for a high price, but
there's a high chance it'll fail.
It'll use +a bunch+ of RP."
"Dropping the price way down will
greatly raise the chance it'll
sell. It'll use +a lot+ of RP."
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one. It'll use +a little+ RP."
"Maybe it's better if I don't do
anything. I'll wait for them to
decide on their own."
I highly recommend this!
I'll lower the price for you!
That item is on sale today!
"This is an excellent item! You
won't find a better one anywhere
"This is a great item! It has
X and Y special qualities! ♪"
I'm so happy you came today!
That is an excellent choice!
You look wonderful today!
Please, take your time. ♪
I'm sorry.
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Chemistry Set for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Cooking Tools for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Crafting Table for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
A boy.
A girl.
Wh-what's wrong?!
"Oh no! We need to go see @ジョーンズ@
right away!"
Ow...I-I hurt all of a sudden...
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
"I hope the baby will be born
M-my belly hurts...
Oh no...!
@しゅじんこうくん@, don't tell me... hurts...!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
I'm sorry.
"Tomorrow is a festival where you
give @アイテム0@ to members of
the opposite gender."
"It's okay to give some to
anyone, really..."
"But it is a festival, after all.
Why not call a special someone to
the castle and present it there?"
"Hmm...I already have a date, so
why don't I hand it over when
we meet up?"
"Hey. What's the whole point of
this bean-throwing thing, anyway?"
Ooh! I'd like to know that too!
"Hmm...I think it was originally a
festival from a kingdom far to
the east."
"Yes. In that country's customs,
throwing the beans drove off
demons and illnesses."
"It also counted as a wish
for health and long life, if
I remember correctly."
"Hmm, so that's what it's all
"I see. So throwing these beans
at Doug should drive him away.
"I bet I could send you scampering
if I threw them at you!"
Wow, that's neat! But...
But what, Kiel?
"Why do we throw +Failed Dishes+
in our festival?"
"I'm sure that must be our wish
to drive off +failure+."
"Oh, that makes sense! You sure
know a lot, Leon!"
He totally made that one up.
"I've heard the ladies are
considering going on diets."
They are?
"Ugh, again? They're always on
about that at this time of year."
"They freak out about that stuff
too much if you ask me."
"Besides, they're way cuter if
they have a little bit of chub
to them."
To each his own, I would think.
"However, it is a delicate topic
with the ladies. I would broach
it very carefully."
Good point.
"For example, don't tell Margaret
""you've gained weight,"" even just
in passing."
"And never follow it up with ""you
could never stick to a diet,""
"It sounds like you have some
very...specific experience,
"To tease knowingly is one thing,
but to say it unknowingly with a
straight face is simply foolish."
"Whatever happens, Kiel, do not
grow into a man like him.
What are you pointing at me for?!
Right. I won't.
Don't listen to him! I'm awesome!
"I wonder where they found that
enormous Wooly."
"It is rather cute and fluffy, if
I do say so myself."
Perhaps it's a mutant strain.
It is adorably huge.
"Eesh. Big is one thing, but that
Wooly is way too big for its own
"The bigger they are, the fluffier
and cuter they look, right?"
I agree wholeheartedly.
"It's gigantic! Are you sure
that's even a Wooly?"
It is, without a doubt, a Wooly.
Hmm. All right, then.
"Who the heck found that thing,
and how did they get it here?"
That is an excellent question.
Isn't it simply the cutest?
"It takes a lot of training to
hit the target right where
you aim, doesn't it?"
Yeah. It's pretty hard.
"Whatever, just keep throwing and
something'll hit eventually."
"I think it's far more effective
to calculate your trajectory
before throwing."
Hah! Who's gonna do that?
"What formula do you use for
your calculations?"
"Wha?! You're really gonna try
that crap?!"
"I find it easier to hit if I
see Doug as the target."
Aah, now that makes sense...
...WAIT, no it doesn't!!
Brr! It's freezing out here!
Aren't you guys cold at all?
Of course we are!
I'm not cold at all.
"Seriously? No fair! What, are
you a snowman's kid or something?"
You just lack fortitude.
"Well YOU'RE the one who lacks
"What was that, you pebble-brained
"I said you're a brainless,
swayback na--ACHOO!!"
"Well, there's no helping the
cold. How about some exercise
to warm up?"
"Yeah, that's a great idea,
Arthur. C'mon!"
"Oh, I meant for you. I'm not
particularly cold myself."
"L-Leon! You're cold too, right?
I mean, it's freezing out here!"
"You must be joking. This hardly
qualifies as ""cold."" ...ACHOO!"
"Erm, perhaps I will take a
little exercise after all."
"Kiel, I bet you and Arthur are
really good at quizzes."
"Heh. Is it that obvious? Does
my propensity for trivia shine
out through my retinas?"
"There is an element of luck to
it, though."
"Well I won't get a single one
of 'em, so I'll just go with
whatever answer you two pick."
Smart idea.
I know, right?
"You can't do that. This is a test
you should overcome with your own
"I will abide by the answers that
@しゅじんこうくん@ chooses."
So you had best get them correct.
"Ugh, fishing is so boooring! I 
get bored just thinking about it."
That's what makes it so relaxing.
...Huh? I don't get it.
"I'd like to come up with an
efficient way to use the time as
we wait for the fish to bite."
"I ain't working, if that's what
you're saying."
"But isn't it so much fun when you
do catch a fish? Even if hooking
one can be rather hard."
"Yeah, catching one is fun! But
I'm not really good at making
sashimi and stuff..."
How about I teach you, then?
Oh, will you? Thanks Leon!
"In return, you can cook whatever
fish I catch. Deal?"
Yeah, that sounds great! ♪
"Vishnal, would you care to join
Please! I would be honored!
And the rest of you?
Nah, I'll pass.
"I have work I must be doing,
I'm afraid."
"Ah. Well then, the rest of us
will be off."
"Hunting down a good spot is such
a pain. Hey, Dylas! Tell me where
to find a good fishing hole!"
"Sure. First, leave town by the
south gate. Second, never come
Ouch! That's mean, man. Mean!
"My. That is a lovely fishing
rod you have there, Dylas."
"Thanks. Bado did some touch-ups
on it for me. He's got good
skill with weapons and forging."
But nothing else.
"You look pretty serious over
"Whew! I finally managed to bait
the hook."
"I could have helped you if you'd
said something."
As could I.
"If you need help, just say so.
I'd be happy to assist."
"Thanks guys! But I think I can 
manage by myself."
"Hey, guys, baiting this hook is a
pain in the ass. Help me out."
Is it, now?
Good luck.
Think of it as training!
Hey! How come I get ignored?!
"It looks like everyone will be
having squid for dinner tonight."
"Margaret is going to complain all
night long."
Ha ha! That she will.
"All right, time to go catch us
some supper!"
Yes. I think I may join you.
As will I.
I'll come along, too! ♪
Why don't we all go?
"Dylas, don't just stand there.
Come with us!"
What, I have to go too?
Ah, well...
"Ooh, look everyone! I see lots of
fish over there!"
Let's head that way, then.
Hey! Don't leave me behind!
Come on. Enough dilly-dallying.
"Now, I understand having a
contest to see who's got the
best vegetables..."
"But why do we gotta go through
this whole showcasing deal?"
"I would think it's to show
everyone all the best points
of your entry."
"Yeah. After all the hard work you
do raising it, you wanna show it
all off, you know?"
"That is the most enjoyable part
to me. It's like an appraisal
to ascertain its true value."
Like a what?
"An appraisal, huh? That's very
like you, Arthur."
"I kinda like all that presenting
stuff, actually. It's fun!"
I don't care for it, personally.
"Well, you are terrible at public
speaking, after all."
Urk... Sh-shut up!
"Eesh, today's a hot one! Do we
gotta have a festival today?"
I think it's lovely weather.
"If we get too sweaty, we can
just go relax in the bath to
wash off."
"True. A good soak after a long
day's work is very relaxing."
"Yes. And the monster statues
are adorable to look at."
They are...?
"Baths, eh? Yeah, they're great
after a long day. I wonder what
fragrance they're using today."
My, my! What's wrong?
Margaret is being...irritating.
"Did you do something to upset
her again?"
"This is partly your fault, you
"Hey! I was just taking a nap,
okay? It was Xiao Pai who smacked
me awake!"
"You were asleep on the job again,
I take it?"
GAH!! How'd you guess?
It isn't that difficult...
"Now that you mention it, Forte
was slightly miffed as well."
What did you do?
"I have no idea. I was simply
teaching Kiel something
useful. "
...Yeah, but about what?
Eesh. Women scare me sometimes.
I'm afraid I disagree.
You reap what you sow.
Yeah, and it's YOUR fault!
"If we've gotta go through all
these festivals, how about we
have one for napping?"
"What would anyone do in such a
"Kick back, relax and nap, that's
"That does sound relaxing...
though pointless."
Clorica would win every year.
"But as long as we're inventing
festivals, I'd like a bath
What would you do in that?
"See who could relax in the bath
the longest!"
"These hardly seem like proper
festivals at all."
"I'd happily take part in a Beat
Doug Senseless Festival."
"That's run at the same time as
the Beat Dylas Senseless
"How about a @しゅじんこうくん@
What would that be about?
"Hmm, good question. What would
you like for it to be about? ♪"
Hey guys! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Have a great year!
Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year to you all.
Happy New Year.
Yeah. Happy New Year.
"That's okay. I don't need one
from you."
"Shaddap! I wasn't talking to
"There they go again, right from
the first day of the year."
"And so a little piece of the old
year carries over into the new.
Nothing wrong with that."
Ah! There you are, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"We are all going to attempt
+splitting watermelons+ together."
Come join us, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"What's so fun about destroying
"Oh-ho! So you admit you can't
beat me at it, eh?"
"Where's that melon?! I'll split
it six ways from winter!"
"Whoa, hold your horses!
I'm up first!"
"This sounds amusing. Let me join
"By the way, where is the
"Vishnal was supposed to bring a
few for us."
Here they are!
"Hey, hold it! Those are
I...I brought the wrong ones.
"Oh well. Let's make this all Doug's
"And something he planned, too.
That seems reasonable."
I'll buy that.
WHA?! HEY! Why me?!
"Here, everyone. Please help
yourselves to a warm drink."
Ooh, thanks, Vishnal! ♪
That's thoughtful of you.
Careful, Doug. It's hot.
...Wait, did I really just--?!
Here you go, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Arthur, here. Have some.
Hmm? What're you doing?
"I am re-confirming my schedule
for next year."
You're working? Seriously? C'mon!
"Goodness, that looks like a very
full schedule."
"It's a holiday. You should take a
"But y'know, I think if he tried
to take a break, he might just
You might just be right, Kiel!
"Well, Arthur is quite the
"Man, it's New Year's Eve! Can't
you lay off the work for one day?"
"Vishnal's too nice to nag you 
about it, but he made some good
stuff. You oughta try it."
Who are you calling a nag?!
"N-no, no! It's all right, Arthur.
I wouldn't want to bother you."
"You have a point, Doug. I think
I'll take today off."
You will?
"Oh my gosh! Arthur's taking a
Are you sure you're not sick?
No, I'm not.
May I have a cup too, Vishnal?
Of course!
I wonder why fireflies glow.
"The book I read said it's to
protect themselves from
It's also to attract a mate.
"So they do it because they wanna
stand out, then?"
"Just like some empty-headed
shrimps I could name."
"Strange, I don't know any of
those, 'Mr. Horsie'. "
What did you just say?!
Bring it, gelding! I'm ready!
"A gentle glow to call a mate, eh?
That has a touch of romance to
Perhaps I should glow a little. 
Ooh! You can glow, Leon?
"Of course. Would you like me to
show you how?"
"Uh, guys? Leon is messing with
Kiel again."
"I wonder who's going to give how
much to whom."
"You sound like you're having fun,
Huh? N-no, not really!
"Hey, why don't we try to guess
which of us is gonna get the
Amongst us?
Hmm...In that case...
"I would expect it to be Arthur.
He has quite a few contacts."
"But none very well-versed in
this town's unique events."
"Personally, I think it may be
Me too!
Maybe it will be Kiel.
Huh? Me?
"All we can say for sure is that
Doug will get none."
Right back at you.
"What do you think,
What? Me?!
"Um...eheh heh...I shall try my
best to live up to expectations!"
"See! @しゅじんこうくん@ agrees
with me!"
"I'm not so sure. I don't see why
it would be me."
"But thanks, @しゅじんこうくん@,
Vishnal. I'm flattered."
"I'm unsure I will be able to live
up to such lofty expectations."
"But I'm flattered you think so
highly of me. Thank you."
Me? Ha ha! Knew it!
@しゅじんこうくん@, you can't be serious.
Oh, don't get jealous now.
Who's jealous?!
"This just goes to show you that
@しゅじんこうくん@ knows what's
"Well, I'm happy you think so,
at least."
You're joking!"
"Maybe, but that doesn't mean I'm
not going to pound you, Doug."
Hmm? Me?
Well, if you really think so...
"But in the end, it's not the
quantity, it's the quality."
So who did you guys give some to?
"I sent some to Mr. Volkanon and
I gave some to my sister.
I presented one to Porcoline.
Though I was the one who made it.
"And I am very grateful for your
efforts. Thank you."
"Hmm. To be honest, I have not yet
decided to whom I should present."
Hmph. Well, that's boring.
"What about you, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Are you going to give out any?"
"Oooh, who to? Who's the lucky
"That is not the easiest question
to answer in front of everyone,
"But you can tell me. I'll keep
it secret to my dying day."
"Not fair, Arthur! I want to know
"Yeah! It's not right to keep it
a secret, @しゅじんこうくん@.
You should tell all of us."
No? Hmm...
I doubt that.
"Oh? Are you simply hiding it
from us, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
You sneaky little player!
"Enough beating around the bush.
Out with it."
Yeah. I wanna know, too! ♪
"Hey, have you all heard the
legend behind today's festival?"
"If you wish upon the highest star
in the sky, your wish will come
true. That's"
"Yeah. But there was something
else to it, too. I just can't
remember what."
"Oh, I know! If two people make
a wish together, they will be
bound for eternity."
"Doug, stay far away from me when
you make your wish. About a
million miles or so."
"Oh yeah? Well you stand a billion
miles away from me! You got it?!"
"So if two men were to make a wish
together, they would be friends
"Eesh! This festival is way more
dangerous than I'd thought!"
Well, I think it's romantic.
"Man, I'm no good at cooking at
"I am not particularly good at it
"Any skill will get better with
"If you think about the people
you're cooking for, you'll get
it right in no time! ♪"
" you think that someday
even I'll be able to cook like
Sure! I know you will!
So you wanna get all fat, then?!
You shut up!
"I'd love to try Kiel's cooking
one day."
As would I.
"Well, stop on by sometime.
I don't mind. Do you have
any specific requests?"
Anything with rice!
No. Something with carrots.
"Well, since you asked, I would
I would not be averse to---
"Oh, and besides that, could you
make some---"
"Um, okay. So I guess I'll start
with a rice base, add some of
this and that, then maybe..."
"Y'know, since everyone is coming,
I should just ask my sister to
help out!"
Maybe you shouldn't.
"Ugh. Crafting stuff is such a
"Anything resembling work is a
pain to you."
...You've got a point, I guess."
"Interesting. We often hear about
how dwarves are particularly
skilled at forging."
"I'm just no good at all that
little fiddly stuff."
"I'm not really good at forging
stuff either."
"If forging is not to your taste,
have you tried hand-crafting?
I mean accessories and the like."
"Accessories? I might be able to
make some of those."
"Ugh, even worse! All those teeny
tiny little bits and pieces!"
"What kind of monsters does
everyone like?"
"I like big, fluffy, roly-poly
"Those are nice. I prefer small
ones. Large ones with pleasant
temperaments aren't bad, though."
"Well, I like the big and strong
"Oh, and ""ducks,"" too! Because
our names sound almost alike."
...And you're just as stupid.
What was that?!
What about you, Leon?
"I'm partial to ""Golems,""
"What, so you like the old and
moldy stuff?"
"No, he likes that they're big
and tough, I bet."
"Actually, what I like about them
is that they are utterly
subservient to my will. ♪"
"What kind of monsters do you
like, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
Cute ones.
Cool ones.
Strong ones.
"I agree! The adorable ones are
decidedly the best."
"Ooh, I think so too! The cool
ones are the best."
"Right? Right! There ain't no
beating the strong ones!"
Whew, it's hot!
"Maybe I should try selling
swimsuits made of ice. People
would buy those, right?"
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Come to see how
hot I look in a swimsuit?"
...Yeah, didn't think so.
"Though being told you have zero
interest whatsoever does make me
a little sad."
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Come to see my
special swimsuit?"
"See, there's a really neat story
behind this one..."
"...Hmm. I haven't thought one up
yet, so come back later, okay?"
"Looks like summer will be here
"Regular swimsuits aren't all that
protective, so maybe I should try
selling some armored ones..."

Bado Calendar
"Summer's winding down, it looks
"I've got swimsuits that didn't
sell again this year."
"I wonder why no one ever buys
chainmail bikinis?"
"Guess winter's going to be here
"Maybe I should try forging some
porridge to sell."
"Looks like it's almost time for
the big end of the year sale."
"Though somehow, I think if I
display everything I have left,
Forte's gonna get mad at me."
"Still, I've got all this stuff!
I can't help it if it all blocks
the road."
"Man, my +birthday+ sure was a
tough one this year."
What happened?
"Well, first Forte gave me a long
lecture on how I need to be more
serious about my job."
"Arthur told me I should try not
to, ah, ""elaborate"" my sales
pitches so much."
"And Kiel brought me a big rice
bowl full of ore."
What do you think I should do?
Turn over a new leaf.
Give up and goof off.
Ah ha ha...Yeah, no.
That's what I like to hear!
Arthur's +birthday+ is soon.
"Everybody knows he loves glasses,
Um, yeah, I guess.
"And by sheer coincidence, I have
a huge pile of magnifying glasses
I'm not buying any.
"Tomorrow is Porcoline's
"Which reminds me, I have lots of
this new item I got in left over."
"@バド@? I don't think it's the time
of year to be handing out White
Elephant gifts."
Hi. And you are?
"I'm @しゅじんこうくん@. It's nice to meet
"Oh yeah! You're the new kid who
has the memory issues, right?"
I'm Bado. I operate the forge.
"But forging stuff is really
exhausting, so I don't do it
too much."
"So, have you remembered anything
I'm afraid not.
"Well, how about you try buying
this, then?"
What is it?
Memory recovery medicine.
How much?!
"Uh...that's a whole lot of happy
expectation in your eyes there..."
"All I wanna do is make lots of
money without working much."
"But y'know, I've never really
liked taking advantage of people,
"So don't go falling for great
deals that sound too good to be
true, okay?"
"I wonder if there's anything
interesting floating around here."
"C'mon, @しゅじんこうくん@. Let's go see 
how much weird stuff we can find."
"I'm getting kinda tired. How
about we take a break?"
"Red, black...a little blue. It's
getting pretty colorful, eh?"
"Hey. Done treasure-hunting for
the day?"
"N'kay. If you've ever got some
free time, come talk to me again."
Whoa, would you look at the time!
Sorry, I've got to get going.
"@バド@, do you want to go somewhere
Sorry, can't right now.
"I'm thinking the God of Easy
Sales is getting ready to come
visit me."
Sure, I'd love to.
"So whatever interesting stuff
we find we'll split 50/50, right?"
Nah, I think I'll pass for now.
"Too many people along means my
share of the loot gets that
much smaller."
Sure. Let's get going.
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@, want to
go treasure-hunting together?"
"...Or not, since it looks like
you already have someone with
"No big deal. I'll just come ask
you again some other time."
"Heh, I knew you'd be interested.
So how about we wander around and
see what treasure we find?"
"Okay, how about we go hunting for
those special treasures known as
""dreams"" and ""adventure."""
"Ah, I see. I guess I get to keep
the treasure I find this time all
to myself, then."
Oh, well. Too bad.
See ya' later.
"Way long ago, I did do some
knight-ish stuff for a while."
Wait, what?
"But then one day I realized
"See, it's easy to do the stuff
that you're good at."
"But it's doing the stuff you
think is fun that can really
make a person happy."
What are you talking about?
"See, what I find lots of fun is
thinking up ways to make money."
"Not actually MAKING money, see,
just thinking up ways to do it."
"Oh, and making people unhappy is
right out."
"Getting rich off of making people
unhappy isn't fun at all."
"So how'd it sound? I just made
that all up."
"Well, you told some interesting
lies, so I thought I'd give it
a try too."
"...My profound apologies for
underestimating you, sir."
Oh, hey! A wedding ring.
Can I sell it?

Ore, eh?
"This stuff is only really useful
for forging things, so I don't
need it."
"...What. Did I say something
"Y'know, I +don't like+ the
smell of cheese, and this here
smells like it a lot."
"Funnily enough, if you mix it
with +things I love+, it isn't
all that bad."
Things like, say, @アイテム0@.
Hey, can I have this? Thanks.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
"Hey, @アイテム9@! Is it for 
It is? Great! Thanks!
"Now if only I had some
@アイテム0@, too. Then I
could take a break from work!"
Bado - Gift
"Hey, did you know I +like+
Oh, hey! @アイテム9@!
Thanks. I +like+ these.
"I like @アイテム9@, because 
it's pretty much useless."
"But if I have a lot of them
lying around, it looks like I'm
working when I'm really not."
Oh, hey! @アイテム9@! Thanks!
"I carried these around a lot
once, so I guess I got used to
eating them."
"Somehow, that turned into
+liking+ them. Funny, isn't it?"
"Oh hey, an onigiri. Is it for
Thanks. I +like+ these.
Is this @アイテム9@ for me?
It is? Great! Thanks.
See, I +love+ rice bowl dishes.
What, you have something for me?
"Oh hey, @アイテム9@! Can I
have it?"
Thanks! I +love+ these things.
"Oh hey, perfect timing. I was
just getting thirsty."
"Y'know, it'd be neat if I could
buy you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Are you wholesale or retail?"
Is this for me? Thanks.
"Wow, I never expected to get
something I +don't like+ on
my +birthday+."
"Oh, hey, a +birthday present+
for me?"
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Oh, hey, I +like+ these!
What, it's for me?
"Thanks! It's a great +birthday+
Oh hey, @アイテム9@!
"Thanks! This is the best present
I've gotten for my +birthday+."
Oh, and handmade is even better.
"You always give me neat stuff, so
I thought I'd give you something
back this time."
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. It's your birthday,
right? Happy Birthday."
"Coincidentally, I had this really
neat item that, for some odd
reason, wouldn't sell."
"You're smart. I think you'll be
able to find a use for it. Here."
"So,'s a present, then,
right? Thank you."
No problem! You're welcome.
Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"...Y'know, you look a little
"Good thing I just found this
weird bottle of medicine."
"Give it a try if you want. It is
a little fishy, though."
"Maybe you should go see Jones or
What can I get you today?
"Good to see you. Take your time,
"I guess I'll try working a little
Anything in particular you want?
See ya' later.
"Y'know @しゅじんこうくん@, I think it's
time you learned how to forge 
stuff yourself."
"You can buy your own forge right
To build a forge you'll need---
"@金0@ Gold, @木0@ Lumber,
and @石0@ Stone Material."
"To build a crafting table you'll
"@金1@ Gold, @木1@ Lumber,
and @石1@ Stone Material."
"Oh, and you'll need +licenses+
to use either."
"You can get them at the +Order
Symbol+, so give it a try when
you feel like it, 'kay?"
"With this you'll be able to forge
things. You'll need @金0@ Gold,
@木0@ Lumber and @石0@ Stone Material."
"Looks like you don't have a forge
license yet."
"I'm afraid I can't give you this
until you get one from the
+Order Symbol+."
"With this you'll be able to craft
things. You'll need @金0@ Gold,
@木0@ Lumber and @石0@ Stone Material."
"Looks like you don't have a 
crafting license yet."
"I'm afraid I can't give you this
until you get one from the
+Order Symbol+."
"Uh-oh. Looks like you don't have
enough Gold."
"Uh-oh. Looks like you don't have
enough Lumber."
"Uh-oh. Looks like you don't have
enough Stone Material."
Here ya' go.
"I set it right next to you, so
don't forget to take it home with
"Oh, and here are a few easy
recipes to start you off."
"Yay! I learned the recipes for
[@アイテム0@], [@アイテム1@]
and [@アイテム2@]."
"Yay! I learned the recipes for
[@アイテム3@], [@アイテム4@]
and [@アイテム5@], too!"
"Yay! I learned the recipes for
[@アイテム6@], [@アイテム7@]
and [@アイテム8@], too!"
"If you want to learn any others,
go visit Porcoline and buy some
+Recipe Bread+, okay?"
"Here are a few quick recipes for
"Yay! I learned the recipes for
[@アイテム0@], [@アイテム1@]
and [@アイテム2@]."
"Yay! I learned the recipes for
[@アイテム3@], and [@アイテム4@]
"If you want to learn any others,
go visit Porcoline and buy some
+Recipe Bread+, okay?"
"Hmm. Looks like you're out of
space. You'll need to throw
something away."
Anything else?
"Oh yeah, you forge stuff in your
spare time too, right?"
"Here, have you tried using a
hammer like this?"
"Given those calluses, it looks
like you're getting pretty good
at forging stuff."
"Here, if you try using your
hammer like this, you'll get
even better."
"Y'know, you're getting really
good at forging things."
"If I had to nitpick something,
I'd say try doing this here."
"Looks like you're an expert at
forging things now."
"I bet you've gotten good enough
to try this technique."
"Whoa! I never knew you could do
that with a hammer!"
"Not too good at throwing things
yet, are you, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
"Why don't you try tossing stuff
out the window, like I do? Things
like cares, work..."
"You're getting better at throwing
stuff, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Why don't you try tossing
yourself, next?"
"You've got a pretty good throwing
arm now, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Guess it's time to start
practicing how to throw your
pride out the window!"
"Wow, you're an expert at throwing
things, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
"There isn't anything else I can
teach you, so I guess it's time
for me to throw in the towel!"
"I'm tired of carrying this
around. I guess I'll give
it to you."
So, there you have it.
"There's one common point that
both throwing things and forging
things share."
"In both arts, the timing for when
you give them up is very, very
"How about you NOT give up and try
working for once?"
Yay! My Throwing Skill went up!
Yay! My Throwing Skill went up!
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Let me teach you
a recipe."
"I haven't used it in ages, but I
think it could still be handy
for you."
Oh hey, @アイテム0@.
"How about @1@ Gold for
@0@ @アイテム0@?"
"Uh, okay then. How about
@1@ Gold?"
Oh well. Maybe next time.
Great. I'll take it.
Nah. Not today, I think.
If I buy this now, then...Hmm...
"Do you have anything else
"Thanks! This should help with
my own shop."
"I can make good use of this.
"Y'know, I guess anybody can be
best friends with anyone, no
matter what the age difference."
"At my age you make a whole lot of
acquaintances, what with work
and the shop."
"But not a whole lot of friends,
"So someone like you is really
I made a good friend too.
Thank you.
You think I'm your friend?
"I'm glad. Let's keep this up
for years to come, 'kay?"
Yeah, let's.
No, thank you.
"Hey, now! Don't go saying stuff
that makes me sad, okay?"
"Sorry. I just couldn't help
Well, anyway...
"Your memories are in your head,
so I can't really help you dig
them out."
"But if there's anything else you
need, just ask."
"--The other townsfolk. I'm sure
they'd be glad to help."
...And me, too.
"So don't go trying to carry too
heavy a load all by yourself,
"Settle in, build a life here, and
let your memories come back at
their own pace."
"Now, there's nothing wrong with
being single. I kinda like it."
"But there's something about
watching a lovey-dovey couple
that can make a body jealous."
Don't you agree, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
It's been a while since you
last bought something."
"Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
It's been a while."
"How about you stop by a little
more often? We can chat and you
can buy stuff from me."
Whoa. I actually won.
"I guess all my ""hard work"" bore
fruit, eh?"
I'm sorry to hear that.
Ha ha ha!
Happy New Year.
Here. Your New Year's allowance.
"You're welcome. Gotta invest my
capital in the right spots,
"By the way, how about you use
that money to buy something from
"I recommend the most expensive
thing you can find."
"Hope to see you around more this
year. And buying stuff more, too."
It's the @カレンダー0@.
"That reminds me of the time when
Forte wrecked all my blank
"She sure looked like a demon to
me then."
"When Forte gets serious, she
focuses on one single thing and
loses sight of everything else."
"I figured if that happened to me
it'd be dangerous, so I put
everything serious away."
Wait, what?
"Y'know, I feel a lot better
after getting hit by all those
"Now time to go use all this
newfound energy to think up
the easiest way to make money."
"Oh hey, I knew there was
something in the air. Tomorrow
is the @カレンダー0@."
"The girls are going to have it
so hard."
"I hear a lot of people say that
diets are actually bad for you."
"Especially if, y'know, you aren't
that fat."
Um, who is he talking about?
"I think it's a good idea for
skinny folk to fatten up a
"Maybe I'll go beat Forte at
arm-wrestling again."
"She needs to fatten up those
+skinny arms+ of hers before
she can beat me."
"If you buy something at my shop
today, you might win tomorrow's
"Of course, you still might lose
it, too."
"Um, so buying something doesn't
change my chances at all, then?"
@カレンダー0@. @アイテム9@.
"Nope. I can only think of the
most ordinary, boring sales
pitches for that."
"Maybe I should make that huge
Wooly my mascot."
"Yeah! The weapon shop that has
the big, cute Wooly! That should
grab customers' attention."
"Woolies don't have anything to
do with weapons, though..."
Tomorrow's the @カレンダー0@.
Oh hey, I just got a great idea!
"I bet you think I'm going to be
up to no good again, don't you?"
"Y'know, I think Forte needs to
try things outside her comfort
zone more often."
"Today's festival is a perfect
chance for that, don't you think?"
"The @カレンダー0@. In other
words, it's a festival centered
around accuracy."
"...And you're encouraging her
to miss them all."
"I really enjoyed snacking on all
the turnips that missed their
"Now, if I'm going to be a proper
salesman, I've got to tell you
Did you buy armor for tomorrow?
Again with the pitches!
No, I don't need anything.
Of course.
"You don't have to buy it here,
just be sure you have some
ready, okay?"
Wait, what?
"See, Forte doesn't know how to
hold back."
"Maybe I should stock up on some
healing medicines, too."
"Looks like the festival wrapped
up all safe and sound."
"It's a good year when everything
ends peacefully."
"Jones and Nancy are really good
at all those quizzes."
I'll give it my best!
I won't lose that easily.
That's the spirit.
"And by sheer coincidence, I have
here a great How To Win Quizzes
No thank you.
So, the @カレンダー0@, eh?
"Speaking of, I've got a pencil
here that'll answer any question
you ask it. Just roll it and--"
No thank you.
That was a pretty intense quiz.
"It was so hard, all of my Magic
Quiz Answer goods were useless."
"The @カレンダー0@ is coming
up tomorrow."
"I can't wait to see who the
town's new famous pair will be."
The @カレンダー0@ is today.
"Still, I don't think selling pets
is the right way to go."
"I mean, today's festival is all
about displaying how deep the
bond you have with your pet is."
So you DO have a heart!
Are you feeling okay...?
"Wow, @しゅじんこうくん@, you can be 
really harsh when you want to be."
"Gotta be sure you reward your pet
for all the hard work he did
"All work deserves fair and equal
"And before you work, you should
have a big dream to aim for!"
"My dream is to live the easy
Too small!!
"For the @カレンダー0@, you
need a good fishing pole."
"How about it? I've got lots of
real good ones for sale."
"Did you know there's an old
proverb that equates good friends
with fish and water?"
Oh, okay.
What, that's it?
"While you're fishing is a great
time to do some thinking."
"After today, I'll have so many
great ideas stocked up, I should
be good for a while."
The @カレンダー0@ is coming.
"Seems like a great time to get
back to basics with a brand new
Not interested.
"Oh hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Wanna buy one of my fishing
"They're special poles that,
depending on your skill, will
help you hook a real whopper!"
Um, that's a normal pole.
More fast money schemes?
"Hey, now. They do say that good
calligraphers don't need to be
picky about their brushes."
"Though they say the very best
calligraphers only ever use the
very best brushes, too..."
"You just completely contradicted
yourself, you know."
"Well, yeah. What's unusual about
me coming up with new ways to
make money without working?"
It's like fish and water, y'know.
"What, in that it smells fishy
and you're in over your head?"
"Here, let me teach you something
"This is what you don't want to
say if you ever come across a
salmon walking on land--"
"It had better not be, ""There's
something fishy going on here."""
"So, uh, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Do you...have something against
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I hope I can catch a whole barrel
of 'em."
"All right, time to catch even
"Y'know, every time I catch one
of these, I always have to
"Squids look an awful lot like the
head of a spear."
"Guess that's why they seem to
have such a stick up their--"
Not another word.
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"If I catch more fish than I can
eat, I'll just share them with
Kiel and Forte."
"I wonder what I'm going to do
with all the fish I catch today."
"See, Kiel isn't too fond of oily,
smelly fish."
"Well then, on to the next fishing
"Wow. @バド@ actually looked almost
serious for a minute."
I cooked all the fish I caught.
"I caught so many, I'm going to
need to share them with Kiel and
Forte, so...might as well."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"Well then, how to make some money
Work hard!
What would you use it for?
Well, you're no fun!
"I dunno. I have fun thinking up
easy ways to make money. Never
thought much on how to spend it."
"I just like having a goal I can
give my all for."
"Then I might learn something
worthwhile that I can pass on
to the next generation."
"Well then, what do I want my
entry to be this time?"
"Might as well make it something
that'll be good advertising, I
"Darn. If I'd won, that would've
been a great bit of advertising!"
"Oh well. It was fun, so I guess
it's all okay."
Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"Are you ready for the
@カレンダー0@ tomorrow?"

Bado Calendar
Speaking of veggies...
"Forte wasn't real fond of them
for the longest time."
"But then I guess she decided she
wanted to grow up fast, so she
learned to like them."
"Though the thought that eating
your veggies makes you an adult
is childish in and of itself..."

"Well, that was an entirely
expected result."
"Man, seeing that many great
veggies all in one place together
is pretty neat."
"Maybe I'll make my entry for
tomorrow's festival...a @アイテム9@!"
"But what if, instead of just a @アイテム9@,
I made something even more delicious
like @アイテム8@ instead?"
"But then again, Forte can't stand
spicy things. I'd have to make it
pretty mild for her."
"I made sure I got everything
prepared in time for today."
"It's funny. Spend too much time
getting ready for a thing..."
"...and sometimes you just want
to use something completely
different when the day arrives."
Yeah, my veggie was pretty spiffy.
"Though I couldn't tell you
exactly what made it spiffy,
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
What should I take this year?
The @カレンダー0@ is today.
"When you think of winter veggies,
@アイテム9@ is the first thing
that comes to mind."
But what do I wanna do...
"Yeah, that was a pretty fun
"People should always take on
contests like that with
everything they've got."
@カレンダー0@ starts tomorrow.
"It's the season when normal shops
put out normal swimsuits for
"But I've never run a ""normal""
"Uh-oh. He seems awfully
confident in himself..."
"I'm not going to put swimsuits up
for sale this Summer."
"I mean, doing something other
shops already do isn't going to
make me any money, right?"
@カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
Not much left to this year.
"Man, my shop sure buried the
needle in the red this year!"
"Trying to make up the difference
through odd jobs was tough!"
"Odd jobs"?
Time to shift priorities?
"Yeah. I have some old connections
who send over some good, quick
jobs every now and again."
"Most of them just involve me
putting on armor and standing in
one spot for a few hours, though."
Nah, I don't think so.
"It's my dream to find an easy way
to make money selling things,
after all."
"Working toward that is fun,
really. It doesn't feel like
""work"" at all."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
Fireflies, eh?
Aren't they pretty?
Thinking of more schemes?
What's wrong?
Yeah, that they are.
You could say that, yeah.
"Oh, sorry. I was just doing a
little reminiscing, is all."
Oh, okay.
"Some time ago, I had a friend
who ran a weapon shop."
"I was a knight at the time, and
I had him make my weapons."
"One day, he said something to
me that I still remember..."
"""To you,"" he said, ""weapons are
necessary to kill your enemy."""
"""But to me, they're necessary to
keep my family alive."""
"I was really struck by that. It
made me wonder why he said it."
"It bugged me so much I started a
weapon shop myself to see if I
could find out."
"I kept looking and looking for
that answer and, when I turned
around, here I am today."
"Life can be a really funny thing,
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Have you asked 
anybody to go with you yet?"
"If there's someone you want to
have watch with you, you need to
ask ahead of time, okay?"
"See, the scenery and what you
watch can change depending on
who you see it with."
"Man, the fireflies really are
So that's it for the festival.
"Some time ago, I made a promise
with a friend to go watch them
"But back then I was really busy
all the time, so our date kept
getting pushed back."
"Eventually it got pushed back so
far we just never got around to
"To this day I have to wonder if
what I did back then was right,
or if I should've made time."
"Maybe it would've been better if
I weren't so serious about what
I was doing."
A firefly's light is so fleeting.
"But isn't it always the fleeting,
fragile things that stick with
you the longest?"
@カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"I bet you're expecting something,
aren't you, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
"I'll be expecting one,
Ha ha! Just kidding.
"But I bet you've got someone you
actually want to give one to,
Hmm? Is this for me?
Thanks! I appreciate it.
"Hmm. Candy weapons didn't sell
too well, but maybe candy armor
will do better."
"Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. If you aren't
yet ready for @カレンダー0@ tomorrow,
I have--"
Nooooot interested.
Wait, today's @カレンダー0@.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, are you secretly
a boy...?"
What gave me away?
Go choke on your failure.
Ha ha ha! That was a good one!
"Ha ha ha...Well, that joke went
over like a lead balloon."
Wait, today's @カレンダー0@.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, don't tell me you
secretly have a crush on me...!"
Oh no, you found me out!
No, but I WILL crush you!
Ha ha ha! That was a good one!
"Ha ha ha...Well, that joke went
over like a lead balloon."
"Oh, hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Perfect timing."
"It's leftovers from a practice
batch I did."
"I've got a few others lying
around, so I might give them
to you at some point too."
"Oh yeah. Today's @カレンダー0@,
isn't it?"
"Did you get a present from the
one person you really wanted
"Did you give a present to the
one person you really wanted to
"That legend about making wishes
on stars is found in a whole lot
of places, strangely enough."
"I guess people just like to
believe there's someone up there
in the heavens."
"I can't really think of anything
to wish for, myself."
"Yeah, I want to make easy money,
but thinking up crazy ways to do
that is too much fun."
So, you gonna make a wish?
"There were lots of pretty stars
up in the sky, but I didn't make
a wish on any of them."
"I do have my dreams, but I'm not
one to go asking someone just to
hand them to me."
"Making my dream come true with
my own hands is way more fun."
"I'll find an easy way to make a
lot of money someday on my own."
"If you had simply left off that
last sentence, that would have
been an impressive speech."
"All right, time to make sure I
won't have to do any work
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
"...I have to say, this one isn't
my favorite."
Oh, great.
"I've been told I'd better put out
a good effort today."
"Though I usually go into these
things determined not to do all
that much work at all."
"But you WILL try your hardest
today. Am I clear?"
"Well, losing after you give it
your all isn't all that fun,
"...He says with a bright, sunny
smile on his face."
The @カレンダー0@.
"Y'know, Kiel's one of the better
cooks around here."
Heh heh...
So today's the @カレンダー0@.
"Maybe it would be a good idea
not to let Forte participate in
this one."
"If you have something you wish
to say, say it. Clearly and
where I can hear you."
"Because everything you cook is
terrifyingly bad."
"Cooking with love does make the
food taste better, but you do
need at least a little skill."
"Otherwise there's no explaining
what happens when Forte goes
into a kitchen."
"I think her way of expressing
her love is just too unique for
us to understand."
"Um, I think that's enough, you
I came to chat.
Show me the weapons/tools.
Show me the accessories.
Show me the bargains.
I want a forge.
I want a crafting table.
Don't buy.
Are you okay?
Stand back a little.
Stay close.
Hold still.
Let's split up here.
General Store
Flower Shop
My Room
Call to the Castle.
Let's go on an adventure!
Let's go on a date.
I love you!
It's nothing.
"Hmm...they look mad right now.
I should leave them be."
By the way...
Hey, um...
"Hmm...I was meeting someone
at @0@ hundred hours in
@マップ0@, right?"
"Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@. Maybe
I can ask someone out on a
special date."
" what I would love to say,
but I already promised to meet
someone, so I can't."
"We may be married, but we can
still enjoy ourselves by going
on dates."
"Now isn't the time for that, is
A little more!
Don't sell.
"I have lots of handy items for
sale! Please come have a look!"
Welcome! ♪
Please take your time. ♪


"Although I can't help you get
your memory back..."
"...maybe I can offer help in
other ways."
"So you don't have to carry the
burden all by yourself, you know?"
"You can slowly get your memory
back while living in this town."
...That sounds perfect.
I want money.
"I had a dream in which I became
a millionaire."
But I spent it all...
...trying to get more money.

"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Will
you take a look at this product?"
Portable...Dirt Floor...?
"Apparently it's a foreign item
that's popular in the city."
"You mean that...dirt-covered

"Huh? What's that small, dirt-
covered carpet swatch you have
in your hand?!"
"Ta-dah! It's a mini ""Dirt Floor""
from a foreign kingdom!"
"And it's PORTABLE! You can bring
it anywhere you want!"
...Which would be nowhere...

"Here's a new item. This stick
helps you find a missing friend."
It's called a Friend--
Stop. Just stop.

"Why do you care so much about
money, @バド@?"
"...'Cause there's money to care
...Why are you blushing?

"Ah, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Perfect timing!"
"Will you take a look at this
Is it...kind of like a gauntlet?"
"It also looks great around your
neck, too. In fact, it's the
perfect neck decor!"
"Kind of defeats the point of
using it for protection, though."
"You're putting the cart before
the horse again. Like, WAY
Why did you become a blacksmith?
"I told you before. Because 
making money is awesome."
"Yeah, but why a blacksmith in
"Well, because I'm used to it.
I guess."
"All my ink's gone redder than
a fiery inferno. It's kind of
mesmerizing to look at the books."
"...You mean...your finances?
Like, you're losing money?"
"Exactly! Red's a prettier color
than black, though, don't you
"Um, I don't think you should be
happy about losing money..."
"How's this: color-changing ink!
It goes from black to red mere
seconds after touching the paper!"
"Uhh, I think the only use that
could possibly have is to record
the sales numbers of said ink..."
"A whole bunch of new products
arrived today."
"Wow, they sure look heavy. Can
you carry them all?"
"...What? Are you carrying them
all with one hand?!"
Ehh, I do this everyday, kid.
"Color me surprised. I would've
never taken you to be that
"...Your honesty kinda hurts
sometimes, you know."
"I wonder why my stuff never 
Who wants to buy blunt weapons?
"Well, blunt weapons have their
uses, you know?"
"...You should try learning from
your mistakes, rather than
justifying them."
Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
What should I do to get rich?
Work, dammit!
"Guess there's no way around it.
Work it is."
You read my mind.
"Hmm, where can I find it,
I wonder...?"
What are you looking for?
"Have you heard of a food item
that tastes like eyeglasses?"
"I've got a good stock of glasses
for Arthur."
Do you mind if I take a look?
Sure, go ahead. go!
"A whole box full?!
(Just how far will your glasses
fetish go, Arthur?!)"
"Man, how do I get rid of all my
"I think it's easier if you stop
purchasing so much..."
"How do I get rid of all my
"I think this world is made of
I agree with you.
Are you sick or something?
"...will you take this box full of
"Buy things you can actually sell,
for once!"
"You're always so relentless,
"You don't talk much about
forging, do you?"
"That's because my heart belongs
to money."
"Wow. You totally said that
without even a moment's
"I once met a dwarf that loved
forging more than anything else."
He must be a diligent worker.
"Well, I'm also always diligently
trying to earn money, y'know?"
So work for it.
"The way people do work today will
probably change completely in 10
or 20 years."
"So don't you think it's better to
consider the future of business,
rather than focus on the present?"
Think of the children!
"I'm amazed at how unconvincing
that was, @バド@."
"You're always so relentless,
How's @子供ちゃん@ doing?
"Probably don't even need to ask,
since @子供ちゃん@ is always
a burning fireball of energy."
"Well, they always
father, like son."
"@子供ちゃん@ reminds me of Forte
and Kiel when they were little."
"I'd often play with them when
their father came to visit me."
Kids are annoying creatures...
"They're always so busy going
back and forth between laughing
and crying..."
Annoying, yet extremely cute.
"You can find the farm tools on
the shelves. Press @字@ to try
switching through them."
Good morning, @バド@.
"Mornin', @しゅじんこうくん@. I'm
feeling lucky today!"
"Hi, @しゅじんこうくん@. How are you
Hi, @バド@.
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@. Hello there.
Hello, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@. Any
money-making ideas?"
"Huh? N-none that I can think
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@! I've
got a great money-making idea to
try today."
Good luck with that.
Good evening.
Dammit, I'm in the red again!
"You should get a good night's
sleep and try WORKING HARDER
It was pretty slow today."
"What nice weather. Today's
gonna be a good one, I just
know it!"
I'm sure it will.
Who works on rainy days?
There's enough snow to sell...
Uh, but who'd buy it?
"That's quite a powerful
"Maybe it'll blow something
valuable into town."
"What a crazy snowstorm. It's like
there's a giant fan hidden some-
where, just blowing it all in."
...No. Just no."
"Looks like it'll start raining
later today."
"Hey, @バド@. Are you enjoying
the weather?"
Yeah, it's not bad.
It's raining pretty hard.
Not that it affects sales any!
"The snow is as pretty as a gem
right now. "
"Ooh, not a bad sales line. You
should go into advertising!"
"Once this typhoon passes, I might
find buried treasure."
"If you do, it'll be something
that belongs to someone else. So
make sure you return it!"
"There's so much snow. Too bad
I can't sell any of it."
"Who'd pay to get it when it's
already all over the place?!"
"Looks like it might start
raining today."
"I wish it'd rain cash instead.
Paper money, preferably, since
it would hurt less."
"The cherry blossoms sure are
"I just wish I could find some way
to use them for my own gain..."
"It's so hot I get a
day off?"
Absolutely not.
"Can't believe it's autumn
already. Maybe I'll forge me a
nice @アイテム9@."
"You don't forge food, you cook it.
And please, just forge weapons. Do
your job, dammit!"
"It's gotten so cold. Maybe I'll
use the forge as a fireplace."
"No, please just forge weapons.
Seriously. It's your job."
"The falling flower petals are
really beautiful. I wonder if I
can sell them."
Maybe @アイテム9@...
"It's so hot today...I almost
want to sell the forge."
What kind of blacksmith are you?!
"Autumn's the season of the
harvest. How's your field doing?"
"I see G signs in your eyes, so
I have no intention of answering
"I can't forge because my fingers
are frozen solid."
A new excuse for every season...
"It's nice to hear the insects
singing at night."
"Let me're looking
for a way to sell them?"
The fireflies sure are beautiful.
Please don't sell them.
"The fallen leaves are pretty...
But no, I won't sell them."
"The winter skies are nice and my soul."
Say what?!
"Choose your child's name
carefully. It'll be your first
responsibility as a parent."
"Whenever you decide to make your
child run errands, be sure and
send the little tyke to my store!"
"How's Forte doing? Take good
care of her, 'cause she tends
to push herself way too hard."
"How are you holding up? Whenever
you feel sick, be sure to let
Kiel know."
"Don't forget to tell me when the
baby's born!"
"I hear Porcoline's dishes were
recognized by a gourmet."
"Forte told me to follow his
example and work harder to
please the customers."
I just want...
" slowly enjoy the rest of my
life, doing what I please."
"Taking breaks here and there,
and getting scolded at times...
Is that so wrong?!"
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@. Will
you take a look at this?"
"This is the hat Illuminata was
wearing when she finally solved
a case..."
...I think.
You're not selling it, man.
"Kiel brought a piece of
...and told me to try eating it.
"Is it some sort of advanced coal-
based dessert or something?"
"That Kiel's brain is always
+cooking+ up new ideas, I tell
"Have you heard that embarrassing
song that's been so popular
I've got to say...
...I sure do miss being young.
"I just happened to see Clorica
working without falling asleep."
"It kinda motivated me to work
normally for a change. Imagine
Shrug it off.
Act extremely surprised.
Did it, now? Hmmm...
"Huh? That's it? That's all you
"...You don't have to be THAT
"Yesterday's bath was ridiculously
"For some reason it felt tingly on
my skin, too, like something was
in it..."
But maybe it's just me.
"I didn't know they had a
competition for butlers."
"I wonder if there's one for
blacksmiths too."
You're asking the wrong person...
"Doug's a caring child...or maybe
it's just that Blossom is really
"I wonder who'd carry me
if I fell..."
...I suppose...
Oh @フォルテ@! You'd carry me?!
"I'd do the same if you fell,
"Oh, man...I'm actually really
happy now. I had no idea!"
Isn't that nice, @バド@?
"Judging from reactions to my
daily behavior, I was totally
not expecting that."
"Don't sound so proud about that
"It seems like there's an event
to jump off the airship..."
Are you participating?
I smell money.
I might actually consider it.
"Money-making schemes are worth it
if they're fun even when they
"...but I'm not quite sure about
this one."
I might have to pass.
"What should I offer Lady
"It's hard to come up with
something worthy of a god..."
"I might use this as an offering
for Lady Ventuswill."
"A stupid item I found the other
Are you heading to the forest?
"You should stop by my +smithy+
located on the +west side+
"It's open...whenever I feel like
it, pretty much."
"Eh-hem. Your store should always
be open, whether or not you're
in the mood to run it."
"Oh, feel free to shop around,
even when I'm not there."
She looks as gullible as Kiel.
"Don't get me wrong, I'm only
saying that because I'm worried
about them both!"
"A +haunting voice+ coming from
the ruins..."
"With this +holy earplug+, you
can block it out without any
That's a regular earplug.
What's so holy about it?
"And it sells for the exact same
price as a regular earplug!"
"Then how ISN'T it a regular
"I lined it with +silver+, you
"...Which makes the lining more
expensive than the earplug."
Aren't you losing money, then?!
"It seems like someone was taken
to the clinic."
"If they need more help, I'd be
happy to close up my store and
go lend a hand."
"I'm always ready to close my
store at a moment's notice!"
"Looks like we have another new
member in our community."
"If only these newbies would bring
some money-making ideas with
"This @アイテム9@ may look like
an ordinary sword..."
"...but it moves toward the enemy
on its own."
...When it feels like it, anyway.
"An ordinary day isn't necessarily
a day where nothing of note
"...but more just a calm, problem-
free sort of day."
"So now that Lady Ventuswill has
"...all we can do is face that
situation and try to move
Let's just do our best...y'know?
+Rune Sphere+?
"A faintly shining blue gem, you
Don't think I've seen one.
"If you're talking about rumors,
though, you should go see Kiel."
+Rune Sphere+?
"A faintly shining blue gem, you
"Sounds like it'd fetch a high
price. But it's something
important to you, right?"
"Understood. I'll let you know
if I find it."
"The +Forest of Beginnings+...
I'll try asking some old friends."
Sorry I can't help you right now.
Stay safe, all right?
"I'm glad that Lady Ventuswill's
getting better."
"It's such a relief, I just want
to relax and call out from work
for a while!"
"I had no idea how fun Lady
Ventuswill really was."
What is it?
No. Whatever it
"I'm wondering if it's okay to do
business with Lady Ventuswill."
I probably shouldn't, right?
...I haven't said anything!
We've gotta do something.
"I'm not sure what's going on, or
what the right thing to do might
be...but we have to act."
We'll be protecting the town.
Let me know if you need any help.
"I'm worried about Lady
I hope she's all right...
"Well, we've each gotta play our
parts and do what we can."
"Looks like the Sechs are
up to something."
"And Lady Ventuswill's not doing
so hot..."
"But when I look at you, I know
there's nothing to worry about."
"Tell me if you need me. 
I'd be willing to lend a hand...
most of the time."
"I heard about a floating island,
but I don't know anything else
about it. A tourist spot, maybe?"
"For future reference, I might go
check it out. Though I'd have to
leave the store..."
"Bado. Have you heard the phrase,
""Putting the cart before the
horse""? I would assume you have."
"I know you're strong enough to
win against the Sechs."
No doubt about it.
"I'm as sure of that as I am that
I'll always be a slacker!"
"We just gotta do what we can for
the moment."
"I mean, giving it our all is
pretty much all we can give it!"
"I'm pretty sure one of the top
tasks we've got, too, is just...
to believe."
"It's been a while since Lady
Ventuswill went away."
Sometimes I feel like...
...she's still at the castle.
"...Maybe she'll come back one
morning, like nothing ever 
happened, y'know?"
Oh, yeah...
"Why don't you take this,
"You're about to go save Lady
Ventuswill, right?"
"I'm sure this'll be somewhat
useful for you."
"Selphia just wasn't the same without
Lady Ventuswill. "
Is it ready?
"Yeah. Be careful, though.
It's really sharp."
Don't worry, I'm used to it!
"I can't even count how often I've
cut my fingers while cooking."
"All right. But I'm talking REALLY
sharp, though, so extra
careful, okay?"
"...Hey, I've got something kinda
handy for you. You interested?"
What is it?
"It's a magical cloth that makes
anything shiny."
It actually costs 5000 Gold...
"But I'll give you a special
discounted rate of 600 Gold!"
Mm, I'm just...not sure...
"...You need to learn to question
things when they sound too good
to be true, Vishnal."
It's time to close the store.
N-no! Wait!
"Let's persevere just a bit
longer yet!"
What a strange conversation...
Hey, Vishnal?
"Will you watch my store for a
You shouldn't ditch work, Bado.
No, hear me out.
"I'm asking this only because I
see a certain...talent in you."
Y-you do...?
"Yeah, absolutely. You seem like
you'd be a natural!"
Th-then how can I say no?
By the way, Vishnal?
"You really, really need to start
questioning other people. Naivete
isn't a good trait for a butler!"
"Looks like you've got a nice
table right there."
"Maybe I'll use one too, as a
dining table."
"That's a nice, firm-looking
"Hmm...I might consider getting
one as a new resting chair."
"Let me see that fine barrel
you've got. Is it filled with
Oho, is that a brazier?
"Why did you buy that? Were you
tricked or something?"
"You seem like someone who'll
make some pretty sounds, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Huh? Sounds?
(Whaaat is she implying here?)"
...Yep, I was right!
"You definitely have a nice yelp.
I can tell that you're a nice
person, @しゅじんこうくん@."
F-from just that?!
"Don't underestimate my senses as
an artist! We know a pleasant sound
when we hear one."
"I'm not sure if being an artist
has anything to do with that."
"What else can you tell by hearing
different sounds, @マーガレット@?"
Let's see. For example...
What was that?
It was 15 meters away...
...and 2 meters off the ground...
"Someone must've tossed an
empty +can+ on the ground."
"What? You can seriously tell all
that from just that little noise?"
There's no way--
"It was over that way! Whoever you
Wh-whoa! She's serious...

"My schedule today includes
playing tour guide for an out-of-
...picking up some garbage...
"...and writing a new song to
play at the restaurant!"
All in all...
"...not bad. Seems like an easy
"I want to play music that'll
make everyone happy."
That sounds good to me!
"What kind of music do you think
I should play?"
Something joyful.
Something mellow.
Something explodey.
I'll write a joyful song, then.
Mellow music...
"Yeah, keep the mood soft and
easy. I like it!"
I don't know about that one...
"Hey, you've got a bed hair thing
going on."
Don't move.
All better!
I'm really bad at fishing.
Are you?
"I don't know why. It just never
goes well for me."
"When I feel a ""shunk,"" I try to
""swish"" and ""ungh""..."
"...but it always ends up
""kersplashing"" away..."
"Have you gotten used to this
town yet?"
Do you still get lost?
"Don't walk around late at night,
I-I'm fine, don't worry...
"Come see me if you have any
concerns at all, you got it? ♪"
Th-thanks. I will.
I really hate +squids+...
Because...they're just gross.
Like...they're so slimy!
"Ngh...I don't even want to think
about them..."
"My birthday is day @0@ of
Good to know.
"I'm expecting fresh fruit as a
birthday present, you got that? ♪"
"I love watching the seasons
Yeah, me too.
"And seasonal +fruits+ are
You seem to really like fruit.
You bet. I can't get enough!
"Personally, I love @しゅじんこうくん@
more than fruit!"
"It must take a lot of effort to
keep the castle clean. I should
help out sometime."
That's nice of you.
Can you clean my room too?
Not really.
"We all help each other out in
this town."
"I've received my fair share of
help from others, so it's the
least I can do."
Hey! That's your job, buddy!
Do you know what "elves" are?
Yep. Take a look at my ears.
"They're uniquely shaped, right?
It's the telltale sign that
you're dealing with an elf!"
"...Does it scare you? That...I'm
an elf...?"
Not at all.
@ヴォルカノン@ does, not you.
Phew, that's a relief.
"Haha, seriously? You're scared of
Yes, very much.
"Compared to him, elves might as
well be puppies!"
"Phew...I'm glad to hear that...
I think..."
I can't do this!
Wh-what's wrong?
...I'm stuck. Writer's block.
"Writer's block? In your music,
you mean?"
"The harder I try, the worse it
"*SIGH*... What kind of music
should I make...?"
Rhythmic pop songs.
Sweet love songs.
Explodey songs.
"Yep. Write a happy song, and
you'll feel better!"
"You're right... Thanks,
Good luck!
A love song, huh?
"That seems...kind of
Do you really think I can do it?
@マーガレット@, I know you can.
Okay...I'll try.
What does that even mean?
Why did I bother asking you?!
"...Well, it might be a good idea
after all, honestly. I'll give
it a shot."
Thanks for the other day.
"I asked for advice about music,
remember? And you totally helped
me get over my writer's block."
Really? That's great!
"So what kind of song did you end
up writing?"
I-it's a secret...
Forte's a little too formal...
"But I love how she's always
so honest."
She's so cool and collected...
"...I actually find her
really attractive...I mean,
in general, of course!"
I can hear you, Meg...
That's why I'm saying it! ♪
"You're taller than me, aren't
Huh? A-am I...?
Err, you're so...close.
Hmm. *STARE*... (I'm jealous...)
She's not listening...
"People tend to think Porco's
kind of weird, but he's actually
a pretty dependable guy."
Oh yeah?
"In the future, I want to marry
someone like Porco."
Does that mean...
You love @ポコリーヌ@?
You like fat guys?
Ahaha, I do love him...
...but not quite in that way.
Hey...don't make fun of him!
I-I didn't mean to...
Lumie's always so reckless.
"When I see someone like that,
I can't help but meddle!"
"Even though she's older than me,
I almost feel like she's my
younger sister..."
"Maybe I'll write a song about
you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Who? Me?!
"Then...can I hear it when you're
"Absolutely not. I changed my
mind. No song!"
"Hey, there's something stuck in
your hair."
You've...grown taller.
"Oh, s-sorry, was that too close?
That's okay. Did you...get it?
Huh? Uh...I think so.
Good. Thank you.
"...You're welcome...
(Whew, that was awkward...)"
For some reason...
"My rhythm is affected whenever
I'm with you."
Hmm? How so?
Be quiet for a moment. I want...
to listen."
"Oh, I guess it was you,
"I'm not sure I understand...
but is everything okay now?"
...I know."
This feeling..."
It must be..."
"You've been acting really
strange, @マーガレット@."
What's the matter?
"The other day, I was feeling
a bit sluggish..."
"...and I fell down while I was
carrying a drink."
So you dropped it?
Yeah. Right on my head.
I took a bath right afterward...
"...But I'd gotten it ALL OVER ME.
Like, EVERYWHERE. So I'm afraid I
might've missed some. Do I smell?"
You're fine.
A little bit...
You actually smell better.
Phew! Thank goodness.
Time for another bath, then!
"You're a really strong and
independent person, you know
A-am I?
"I was born in an artistic
"...where everyone says and does
whatever they want."
"That's probably why I felt like
I needed to be strong."
I see...
"To tell you the truth...I want
to lean on you even more."
"...Or not! Hee hee... I just
wanted to try out that corny
line and see how it sounded!"
Do you sing, @マーガレット@?
Oh, I love singing.
"But I don't sing as much as I
used to, now that I write music."
"I used to always sing in front
of my sister."
Do you ever miss home?
Hmm...not really.
"I have Porco, and lots of other
friends here."
Including you, of course.
"So I've actually never felt
That's good to hear.
"I've heard of a town that's
protected by a large tree..."
"...blooming with beautiful
I'd love to go see it one day.
"What kind of music have you been
A serenade...
What IS a serenade, exactly?
"Oh! Look behind you! It's a Wooly
doing a leekspin!"
Huh!? Where??
What are you doing?
"Oh, I was just reading a letter
from my sister."
"She taught me a spell to ""cheer
on the one you love""..."
"But it might not work, the way
it is now."
I about I modify it?
"So, I've learned a new magic!
Next time we go on a journey
together, I'll show it to you!"
"Where do you wanna go today,
You're a very active person.
Ahaha...I just can't stay still.
...I'd get too nervous.
"@しゅじんこうくん you want
to hold hands?"
...Did that hurt?
Not at all.
"Then let's stay this way for
a while..."
Oh no!
...I'm so sorry.
"It's dangerous to go outside the
town with all these monsters."
We should be extra careful.
I'll protect you.
Will you protect me?
"...Sometimes you're too smooth...
It's not fair..."
"...Doesn't the guy usually
protect the girl? (Not that I'm
saying no...)"
Time flies when I'm with you.
I wish it could last forever...
"Um, @しゅじんこうくん@? When did
you start...erm..."
...loving me?
Since the day we met.
Gradually over time.
One day, all of a sudden.
I don't remember.
"Th-the day we met...?
That seems so cliched and...
I see.
"So you found good qualities in me
and kind of...latched onto them,
"Wh-when could that have been...?
Because I've always loved you.
Bedhead GET!
"You need to comb those beautiful
locks a little better. You're my
boyfriend, you know?"
"There we go. All better.
Have a nice day, now, okay?"
What is it?
"@マーガレット@, you've got an
acute case of bedhead. And I do
mean ""a cute""!"
Hold still.
There we go. It's fixed now.
Th-thank you...
I have this feeling...
"...that if I wrote a song right
now, it would be amazing."
Why's that, exactly?
"Well...I've found something
that's really important to me..."
What is it?
Do you love me?
I do.
"I didn't think you'd say it so
unflinchingly like's
not fair!"
I hate you @しゅじんこうくん@...
J-just kidding, @マーガレット@.
Do you love me?
Here's a squid.
"You asked me the same question
the other day."
Whether I love you or not.
"It's not fair that you're the
only one who gets to ask."
I don't love you...
...I ADORE you. Bye now!
"Wh-what were you thinking?! Don't
ever do that to me again!"
Is something wrong?
"Um, no. I was just thinking
about the future."
Oh? What kind of future?
Well...with you...erm...
I-it's nothing!
I remember Nancy telling me...
"...that it's important to say
""I love you"" out loud..."
...Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@?
What's up?
What IS music, really?
Huh? Why do you ask?
S-sorry. I was just wondering...
...about the power of music.
"For example, can music save the
world? Or hurt someone?"
Depends on the listener.
No, it can't.
"It could do anything, depending
on the person listening to it."
"Though a good composer can impart
meaning into a song, to be subtly
delivered to every listener."
"So you're the one who'd be
choosing your own direction,
"...It's up to me, then...?
Maybe you're right."
"Thank you. I think you may have
given me just the inspiration
I need."
"I think that's the wrong way to
look at things."
"It's not the music that has
power, but the people who create
"So it's all up to you,
@マーガレット@, to create music that
really touches its listeners."
"...It's up to me...?
Maybe you're right."
"Thank you. I think you may have
given me just the inspiration
I need."
"It's nice how you're always
thinking about others."
Th-th-that's not true!
...I'm actually always scared.
"Scared that I'll be rejected...
or worse."
"That's why I hesitate reaching
out to others."
"Then...why do you still reach
"I don't know...maybe I'm just
being a hypocrite."
That's not true!
Well...maybe you are...
It's because you're so kind.
"I believe you in you,
"...Thank you.
I'm sorry, I can't seem to stop
...but what's wrong with that?
"Because you reach out, you touch
a lot of souls, and many are
saved by that touch."
"So I believe in your actions,
...Or rather, I believe in YOU.
"Thank you...I believe in you,
YES! What a perfect day!
Good news?
"Well, ever since I've been dating
you, I've been writing wonderful
"So let's keep our relationship
and my inspiration burning strong
again today."
"Because I love you,
"Hee hee, I caught you off
guard, didn't I? @字@"
*PANT* *PANT*... Yes! I did it!
"Porco's got a lot of things
hidden away in the restaurant..."
Like what?
"Food, so he can sneak bites here
and there when no one's looking!"
It's ridiculously obvious.
"So if you find anything, feel
free to take it!"
Hee hee, yes! ♪
You look happy today.
"I bought a foreign music score
through Arthur."
"I've wanted it for so long, and
am really happy it's finally in
my hands!"
"That sounds really cool!
Congrats on finally getting
your hands on it, @マーガレット@!"
"Hard to believe I'm a married
woman. Words can't even begin to
describe how happy I am..."
Can't be as happy as I am!
Tee hee hee...
Thank you!
"'re the one I
married, so is that really an
appropriate sentiment?"
"Just looking at your face makes
me so immeasurably happy. ♪"
"No, no...I need to keep myself
Ahh, but I can't stop smiling...
"I'm worried about the
You mean @ポコリーヌ@?
"I guess the only thing to do in
this situation is play a lot of
good music!"
"And I'll bring in so many
customers, he'll be too busy
to eat!"
Hey, that might actually work!
"But...I'm not sure if I can
really do it..."
Believe in yourself!
It might be hard.
All right, I'll try my best.
"Will you help me, though,
Huh? How?
...You can dance by my side.
"We should go out on a date next
time it's sunny."
I'd rather relax at home.
Even if there's a typhoon!
Ask me anytime, okay? ♪
"...You don't like the sound of
Do you mean...together?
...Then that might be fun.
"That's the spirit! Who cares
about some dumb little typhoon
You're serious, huh?
You know...
...I want to be with you forever.
Of course.
We'll always be together.
Hee hee...
"Ever since I married you, I can't
stop smiling..."
"...That's what? Don't you dare
say it's impossible!"
"That's...for sure. I promise that
I'll always be with you."
Don't scare me like that!
"I haven't had trouble writing
music these days at all."
You haven't?
Nope. It's probably because...
...I've got you by my side.
Only probably?
Hee hee! No worries! ♪
"Try not to stay up so late,
You might get sick.
All right.
"Oh, and don't eat too much,
either. Okay?"
Oops, I'm sorry.
I know...
There's something in your hair.
I got it.
Have a great day, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Thanks. You too.
"You know...since I'd been living
by myself..."
"'s struck me just how nice
it is to see you when I'm home."
"I can hear some good music
coming from your soul,
"Huh? From me? I don't hear
You just have to listen closely!
"I can hear it perfectly from
here. It's a wonderful melody."
@マーガレット@...I can't move...
Wanna hold hands?"
"...It doesn't hurt this time,
does it?"
"Hand strength is such a hard
thing to judge, I suppose..."
"Doesn't you ever get lonely at
Not really.
I know what you mean.
Maybe it's just me...
"But I don't have to feel
"...because you're with me,
"...Thanks. I feel the same about
you. You're the cure for the
lonely night. Hee hee..."
So...please stay with me...okay?
"I wonder how everybody's doing
back at the restaurant."
"They can't keep their rooms
clean, you know."
We should travel together.
"Have you heard of a town
called Sharance? I really
want to go there. ♪"
@しゅじんこうくん@! I...erm...
...To be continued...
What the...?
Today's the day!
For what?
...? you.
Really? have to say the words.
I love you too.
...What's wrong?
I'm sooo happy...
I really am!
" matter how often I say's still embarrassing..."
"@子供ちゃん@'s much bigger now,
"What a miracle.
I'm actually crying!"
@子供ちゃん@ was saying...
..."I love Daddy."
"Porco seems to really love
He's almost like a real grandpa.
"@子供ちゃん@ will grow up to be a
musician, don't you think?"
I think so.
What about farming?
"Yeah, I knew you'd seen it my
way! I'm going to try hard to
mentor the little maestro!"
Farming, huh...?
"Growing up seeing how hard Daddy
works, it's certainly possible."
@子供ちゃん@ has grown so much.
"We should eat together at the
restaurant every now and again.
It's always there for us, y'know!"
"Have you been making friends with
the monsters?"
"They might befriend you if you
give them food."
"As long as there's space in the
Monster Barns, anyway!"
"When you'd like to move a
monster from one barn to
"...just bring the monster over
to the destination barn and tell
it to go home."
"I-it's way too high...! D-don't
let go, please...!"
Good morning. How are you?
"Good morning! I'm doing quite
well, thanks for asking!"
"Let's start the day with a
greeting! Good morning!"
Good morning.
Are you awake? Good morning!
Yeah, good morning.
Oh! Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Morning, @マーガレット@.
Hi, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hi, @マーガレット@.
Good evening.
"This town may be peaceful, but be
careful if you go out at night."
Okay, I will.
Another day coming to an end...
What a great morning!
It sure is.
"I...I can hear the thunder...
and it's close!"
"Morning. I hate rainy days, don't
Come on, it's not that bad!
"Good morning. The snow's really
beautiful, isn't it?"
It really is.
"Morning. Typhoon time!
Will you be okay?"
"Don't worry. I'll be extra
"Good morning. The snowstorm's
here! Will you be okay?"
"Don't worry. I'll be super
"Good morning. Pretty dark sky
out there, huh?"
"Yeah. I guess we might be getting
some rain..."
"Runeys are so cute...oh, sorry!
Good morning!"
"Good morning. And don't worry!
I completely agree. They're
"It looks like there's a typhoon
coming. "
"Hello. The weather's really nice
today, isn't it?"
Yeah, it really is.
"I...I can hear the thunder...
and it's close!"
"Morning. I hate rainy days, don't
Awww, cheer up!
"Hello! The snow's really
beautiful, isn't it?"
It really is.
Typhoon time! Will you be okay?
"Don't worry. I'll be extra
"The snowstorm's here! Will you be
"Don't worry. I'll be super
"Hello. Pretty dark sky
out there, huh?"
"Yeah. I guess we might be getting
some rain..."
"Runeys are so cute...oh, sorry!
Hello to you!"
"Hello. And don't worry!
I completely agree. They're
"Good morning. It's pretty warm
today, huh?"
Morning. It sure is!
"The sun's so bright in
the summertime."
"You should be careful, though.
Don't want to get heatstroke!"
"Good morning. The autumn leaves
are sure beautiful, aren't they?"
Yeah, they really are.
"Wow, it's really freezing out
there! Good morning."
Good morning. Don't catch a cold!
Hello. Lovely spring day, no?
Hi. It is, isn't it?
"Hello. The sun's so bright in
the summertime, don't you think?"
"Hello yourself! It is, but be
careful you don't get heatstroke."
"Hi there! The autumn leaves sure
are beautiful, huh?"
Yeah, they really are.
Wow, it's really freezing today!
"Be careful you don't catch a
"Hello. Be careful not to catch
a cold at night, you hear?"
Don't worry, I'll be careful!
"It's probably too hot to sleep
"Yeah, I'm not looking forward to
"Hello. Beautiful night, huh? The
autumn leaves look amazing even
Yeah, they really do!
"Good evening. Another cold night,
Evening. Yeah, it's freezing!
"Pretty soon, you'll be Papa
"And I'm about to become a mother.
Or, wait...technically, am I
already one?"
How are you holding up?
"Good. As healthy as ever, in
fact! ♪"
How are you holding up?
"Just fine! Absolutely nothing to
worry about. ♪"
How are you holding up?
"Don't worry so much! I'm going to
be a mother, you know. So I'm
strong as an ox right now! ♪"
I can't wait to see our baby.
Same here.
Oh! The baby just kicked!
Yep. Seems to be full of energy!
"Please don't get hurt. Our baby
would be very sad!"
Okay, I'll be careful.
This is your daddy!'re making me blush...
"You're about to have a baby,
right? Good luck!"
"It's amazing that a new life's
about to be born."
"You're a new parent, you know!
So good luck to you. You're gonna
need it! Hee hee!"

"Are you going to the forest? Do
you have enough medicinal herbs?
How about antidotes?"
"Be sure to come back before it's
dark, okay?"
"Amber's so cute. ♪ I wonder if
she's into fashion..."
"Ngh...I hope the voice from the
ruins is not a ghost."
"Because if it is, Forte won't be
able to fight it either...*SIGH*."
"Does that person you found have
a place to go?"
"I think Porco's got an extra room
at the restaurant..."
"After discussing the matter with
Porco, we decided to have Dylas
stay at the restaurant."
"Maybe he can stop Porco from
eating everything the moment
he makes it!"
There ghosts..."
Are you okay?
W-wait! It's me!!
"If Pico turns out to be the
ghost, then that's not scary
at all..."
"But I'm still scared for Lady
"Have you ever heard of a blue,
gem-like stone called a +Rune
A blue, gem-like stone?
"Hmm, I don't think so. I'm
"Oh, but I might've heard Dylas
talk about something like that!"
"I didn't know that there was
more than one Rune Sphere."
"So I really have no idea where
the others might be..."
"...I'm sorry I can't be of more
help. I'll try asking the
tourists, I guess..."
"I'm sorry...I haven't heard back
from my family yet."
"*SIGH*...why does it always feel
like it takes forever?"
"Don't try to carry the burden
all alone, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Leon...a new member of our
"Thank you for saving Lady
Ventuswill, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
Hey, did you know?
"Apparently, Lady Ventuswill loves
pancakes! ♪"
Isn't she so cute?! ♪
Is everyone all right?!
Is everyone all right?!
"Just tell me if there are
children or elderly people who
need help. I can carry them!"
The Sechs Empire...
"Will Lady Ventuswill be okay?
Is there anything...I can do?"
"I can tell that Lady Ventuswill's
"I wish music could save people's
lives, because then I'd actually
be useful..."
"No, I should be more positive.
I'll try to see what I can do."
A floating island...
"That's WAY TOO HIGH for me!
Just the thought of it makes
me tremble...!"
"You're about to fight the Sechs,
"Don't push yourself too hard,
okay? Please stay safe."
"Make sure to come back before it
gets dark. And...and..."
"Try not to make us too worried.
Because we all love you, you
Lady Ventuswill...
"No, I shouldn't be sad. I should
keep smiling...right?"
Lady Ventuswill...
"I'm sorry. I know that I'm
supposed to keep smiling."'s just so hard...
...Heehee, sorry...
Take this with you!"
"Let me know if there's anything
I can do for you!"
I'd be more than happy to help.
Just anything, really!
YES! Lady Ventuswill's back!
Time to celebrate!
have you heard?"
About what?
"Porco's dishes have gained
recognition by a famous gourmet!"
That's fantastic!
Right? Isn't it great?! Hee hee!
"You almost seem happier than
Porcoline himself."
Lumie solved a case...?!
"Who in the world is spreading
such a lie?!"
"Um, isn't that a little harsh,
"Oh, Forte... She's just so
hopeless when it comes to
"The other day she tried to make
a +sandwich+ and wound up with
+vegetable juice+..."
What the...?
Why is that song...?!
What's going on?!
Is something wrong?
" somehow
circulating through the town!!"
"It's so embarrassing...I thought
I'd locked it away in a very
secure place! How'd it get out?!"
C-calm down...
"If it's popular, it means that
everyone likes it."
Isn't that a good thing?
M...maybe...'s still embarrassing...
"Huh? I feel like Clorica's been
awake for the whole day."
"Wh-what's going on? And what's
going to happen next?! This is
"You're being really harsh again,
Yesterday's bath was so relaxing.
"It warmed me all the way to the
I wonder what was in it...
"I heard Volkanon won the butler
"...What kind of competition was
it, anyway?"
Doug's such a sweet man.
"He carried Blossom to the clinic
all by himself."
"...if something were to happen to
Porcoline, I don't think I'd be
able to carry him, honestly..."
I'd help you.
You could just drag him.
"Let me know whenever you need
help, okay? I'm always here
for you."
Really? Thank you! ♪
That might be the only choice...
"Uhh...I was joking. I think it
would be a lot better to ask for
"I hereby state my opposition
to the jumping event!"
Wh-why are you so against it?
...It's too high.
"Hmm...what should I give Lady
Ventuswill as an offering?"
Would fruit work...?
"She seems to have a sweet tooth,
"Maybe a +cake+? Or some
Let's tell scary stories!
"Wh-what?! Why now, all of a
"I just heard one from Volkanon.
And it's a good one! I really
want to share it with you."
"Th-that's okay! You're welcome
to keep it to yourself!"
"Y-yeah, I don't want to hear
something that might freak me
"And besides, Amber's right here,
Actually, I'd like to hear it.
"Is it about ghosts?"
"If they're anything like you,
it won't be much of a story."
It was a dark and stormy night...
"A boy who'd lost his memory came
to the village."
"He was disheveled, and hadn't
eaten anything for days."
"""I need water,"" he uttered
"And as if in response, a woman
with a watering can suddenly
appeared before him. Then..."
Then what?!
...I don't remember.
"Argh... I didn't want to hear it,
but now that I've heard PART of
it, I want to know the rest!"
"Yeah, I think I'd have been
better off without having heard
any of that..."
"Hey, Meg, what's your homeland
My homeland?
I haven't heard of it either, no.
"Yeah, I'd love to know more about
"Erm, well...the elven lands are
located due north from here."
"They're surrounded by lush
forests. It really is a beautiful
A beautiful country, huh...?
"""I'd love to visit there at least
once, milady. Wouldn't you?"""
Yeah, I think I would.
"It's a lot like this. I'd love
to invite you all for a visit
Wow, that would be great!
"Do you have some medicine for
No, we don't.
"""How about smacking you upside
the head at a forty-five degree
"I've never heard of such
treatment before. It is...
"Dare I ask what you did this
"Did you put sweet powder in the
bath instead of bath salts?"
"Honey would be better. That
could be a real sensation!"
"No, I'll bet it was something
way more
Eww, no way!
H-How did you know?
"Wait, seriously? How does that
even happen?!"
"I brought squid into the bath by
mistake. I realized it is wrong,
but then...I trip. And splash."
How dreadfully careless!
"No, no! Clorica is the only one
I will not let say such things
to me! No, no, no!"
"It's okay, Xiao Pai. I like you
just the way you are!"
"Yeah. Don't sweat it. You look
very natural and charming when
you work."
"I agree. You're great just as
you are."
"Flowers must be left to bloom on
their own, after all."
...Shut it, Pico.
"What? I didn't say anything!"
"If you all say so, I will stay
this way for a while..."
What are you doing, Forte?
"Oh, erm...just indulging in
some cool-down."
"Is that some sort of chilled
"Umm...even though I'm not
entirely sure what it is, I'm
still going to say ""no"" to that."
"Cool-down exercises. Like warm-
ups, but they're done after
working out instead of before."
"It's important to stretch your
muscles after engaging in any
sort of strenuous activity."
Ah, I see!
"You have a really flexible body,
Huh? You think so?
"""D-Dolly, milady! Look at me!
I can bend my body to the
"That's less impressive when
you don't even have a physical
body anymore."
"""What does that have to do with
anything?! It's still hard to
"Yeah, Forte, you look so smooth
and soft..."
"S-stop staring at me! I'm losing
You are so adorable, Amber! 
Ha ha ha! Stop it! That tickles!
It seems Meg is into Amber, yes?
"I feel like I got a real sister!
And she's sooooo cute!"
They really do look like sisters.
"Just like Dolly and me..."
Cold and lifeless, you mean?
"Just be careful you don't spoil
her too much, Meg."
"Oh yes, I picked a flower today,
and brought it with me."
Look! Isn't it beautiful?
Ugh... Y-Yeah...cute...
Are you okay, Forte?
"Ha ha. Forte is the one who needs
to be careful not to spoil
people. Specifically, Kiel!"
Dolce looks so...focused.
What are you doing?
Making clothes for Pico.
"Wow, I wish I could make them
so nice!"
"Oh? You want a dress too?"
"No, no, it is Dolce's fingers I
"I feel similarly, but what a
strange way to say you envy
someone's dexterity. "
"""So you guys are hopeless when
it comes to sewing and knitting,
I can't really deny that.
"Pico! You shouldn't be saying
things like that to people.
You're no better at it!"
She's not?
"Well...I don't know, really..."
Aha...ha ha...
"Okay, it's time to close the
restaurant! Let's start cleaning
Yes, Meg!
Man, I hate this part...
DYLAS? No ditching, okay?
Urk...I know!
"We're always in the red...'cause
you won't stop eating, Porco!"
Na ha ha ha!
It's not funny!
Has it always been like this?
...Yeah, pretty much.
"It's a miracle the place hasn't
closed down already."
That's certainly true!
"Whoa, hold up! This can't be
right, can it? We actually made
some profit today!"
"Meg, are you sure you didn't
I'm positive! See for yourself!'s a miracle!
I guess miracles do happen...
We did it, Meg! Om nom nom...
"This would be a regular occur-
rence if Porco would just stop
picking at all the food..."
Why is he so quiet?
Uhh, Porco? Hello?
"Oh, I was just thinking about
the past..."
"I don't think I've heard all that
much about your past. What was
it like?"
"I'm sure I have a portrait around
here somewhere..."
Ooh! Can I see?
I'd like to see it too.
Here we have it!
All right! Let's check it out.
" this you, Porco?! It
looks like a total stranger!"
It can't be! Who is this?!
"W-wait...who's that beautiful
woman next to you!?"
"She looks like an elf. Was she
your girlfriend!?"
"Um, why are you staring at me,
"There's nothing fun about
watching Margaret, believe
me. I've tried it."
Shut your mouth, Dylas!
"You sure have grown into
a beautiful woman, Margaret."
H...hey, Porco! Cut it out!
You're making me blush!
"Are you all right, Porcoline?
You must be exhausted..."
...Thanks a lot, Dylas.
"Don't you agree with me,
Of course!
WHOA! Even you?!
AHH!! My face is burning!!
...S-see? It's just you, Porco.
"You know, come to think of it,
I saw this odd couple hanging out
by the restaurant the other day."
Strange how, exactly?
Well, I overheard them talking...
"Man: ""Why don't we eat here?""
Woman: ""It looks expensive...""
Man: ""It'll be fine! My treat."""
"Woman: ""But... I'd feel bad.""
Man: ""Really, it's my pleasure.""
Woman: ""Can we split the bill?"""
"Man: ""I can't let you do that.""
Woman: ""And I can't let you pay!""
Man: ""But I was the one who..."""
"They just kept going on and on
like that. Back and forth, never
reaching any conclusion."
Is that...
I thought, enough is enough...
" I yelled at them to get the
hell inside if they're eating."
And then they just ran off.
What is WRONG with you?!
"That's not how you treat
Nice kick, Meg!
[Received @アイテム0@.]
"The restaurant was pretty busy
Yeah...I'm beat.
"You gave it your all today,
Yeah, you're a great waiter.
"Don't you think so too,
Hey, don't ask around!
Why not?
I think he is.
Not really.
Wha? What are you saying?!
Awww, don't be shy!
"Admit it, hearing @しゅじんこうくん@
compliment you made you
"Dammit, let me clean and close
the store already!"
"Looks like there's a long way
to go until you can impress
"...Pfft. Who cares, anyway?
@しゅじんこうくん@'s not the boss
of me..."
Wow, it's so good! ♪
This tastes amazing.
It's delicious!
"I'm always impressed whenever
I eat any of Porcoline's dishes."
"Porco is the best cook ever, you
"This is very good. It's a meal
fit for a thing!"
I think you mean "king."
"It seems we have a lot of fish
We got fresh fish today!
"Better watch out. Kiel might
scream if he sees them."
Wow. He dislikes fish that much?
"Well, he'll eat it if it's broiled,
but he has a strong dislike of the
way raw fish looks."
He shouldn't be so picky.
"But you have your own preferences
too, Clorica, don't you?"
Yes, I suppose I do.
"Everybody has things they don't
like. It's just...part of life."
What's wrong, Amber?!
"Oh, I remember now that Amber
is...not so good with the fish."
Bon appetit!
What did you order, Forte?
I ordered @アイテム0@.
Sounds good.
Would you like to try some?
Oh, may I?
Thank you, Forte. Mmmm...
"It's just the two of you?
That's no fair!"
Clorica, say ahhh.
"Oh, Xiao Pai! Sure.
Ahhh... ♪"
"Dolly, Dolly! Your turn!
Say ahhhh! ♪"
I, uh... I'm good, thanks!
Ahhh... ♪
Is it good?
...Mm. It is.
"""I've never done that whole
open-up-and-say-ahh thing
"And I waaaaaaannaaaaaa!!"
It's your turn, Forte!
Ah, aaahhh...
C'mon, Forte. Ahhh! ♪
"Absolutely delicious, don't you
think, Forte?"
This is so humiliating...
"You never cease to amaze me,
Huh? Why?
"You can eat even while you're
There's no way--
"I've seen it. I once saw Clorica
chewing like mad, but she was
fast asleep the whole time."
"You sometimes have multiple
plates, and you handle them
so perfectly!"
"I'll often ask you questions,
too...and you actually answer! ♪"
There's... There's no way...
"You've even gone back for
How embarrassing...
Are you guys sure about this?
"Porco! I think I'm ready for...
the @アイテム0@!!"
Wh-what is it, Meg?
So pretty...
WHA?! Wh-what are you saying?!
"I-I...erm...don't really know
about those things..."
"Your sword and armor's always
super shiny."
...Come again?
"I can tell that you're taking
really good care of them."
Huh? Why are you all red?
...Eh-hem. It's nothing.
Um, is that a new sword?
"Yes, it is. I just bought it at
"Wow, that's cool! What's it
I named it Ziggy Zagger.
I said, Ziggy Zagger.
"Why don't you wear cute clothes,
"I must always be ready to protect
the town. I can't afford to let
my wardrobe impede me."
"I think you'd look great in
dresses and skirts!"
"But it'll lower my defensive
"It could raise your attack skill,
"Sure! Don't you think so,
I'm not sure.
"See, @しゅじんこうくん@ thinks
so too!"
Hmm... Still...
"Come on! I'm sure you could
knock guys out in no time flat."
If it's that powerful...
"Hey, Forte! ♪ 
You should wear this ribbon!"
"Th-that couldn't possibly look
good on me!"
@しゅじんこうくん@! Hold her down!
*Hold her*
No way, no how.
Ack!! @しゅじんこうくん@?!
Hee hee hee... Just give it up!
You're no fun...
Phew...thank goodness...
You know...
"I sometimes wish I could be cute
and...girly like you, Meg."
"Wh-what are you talking about?!
I'm not cute!"
"And most guys prefer cool cats
like you, anyway."
That can't be true...
Well, let's ask @しゅじんこうくん@!
"Which of us is more your type,
Someone like @フォルテ@.
Someone like @マーガレット@.
No way, no how.
See? I knew it!
S-stop it...
"...Makes me a little sad,
Just as I thought. See, Meg?
N-no! He's just being nice...!
"...Why did his answer disappoint
me so...?"
"...So he's not into either type,
then. He's one of THEM."
So it would seem.
"O-one of what?! Don't put words
in my mouth! I didn't mean it
like that!"
Hey, Meg?
What do I sound like?
Like, your voice?
"You come across as someone who's
deeply motivated, I'd say. Very
optimistic and hard-working."
You bet! ♪
"I'm so very glad to hear as
such! ♪"
How about me?
You too, huh?
Well, let's see...
"Your quietness belies your
strength...but there's also
a note of sweetness."
Uh-huh! Without a doubt! ♪
"I haven't had +@アイテム0@+
for a while now."
"I want to eat +Chinese food+,
if I can."
"I think I'd prefer
+western sweets+."
"Seems like none of us are getting
quite what we want."
"But it is not good to eat and eat
and eat only the things we love,
Why not?
"Because if we eat too much of
what we love, we'll get tired
of it, won't we?"
"Because if we eat too much of
what we love, we'll...get tired
of it?"
"When you eat it, you should do it
at the right time."
Hey, Meg?
"Do you mind playing music at mine
and Mama's inn next time?"
Oh? No, I wouldn't mind at all!
Thanks! I appreciate!
"What kind of music do you want me
to play?"
"Maybe something to soothe the
tired customers?"
How about something relaxing?
"Sure. Do you have any ideas,
Something hardcore.
Something groovy.
Something relaxing.
That would make us more tired...
Were you really listening to us?
Y-You want dance music...?
"I thought dancing might be a good
way to release stress."
I see...
It's an interesting idea.
"Okay, so that's a check on the
rhythmic beats. But what else?"
Is she...actually considering it?
Hey, don't steal my idea.
"So you two are in agreement,
"I like the clothes Dolce makes.
They're super-cute."
Yes. I agree.
"I don't think they're that
"Sure they are! Back me up,
Xiao Pai."
Yes. Very cute!
...Well, thanks, I guess...
"What's the weather supposed to be
like tomorrow? I hope it isn't
going to rain..."
"Rainy days are the worst for
hair, aren't they?"
"Ha ha. Yeah, my hair always gets
kind of...puffy."
Mine clings to my face.
"""But I'm the one who combs your
hair, milady. It shouldn't be
a bother for you!"""
"I'm talking about YOUR hair.
Rainy days and ghost hair do
not a winning formula make."
Margaret Furniture?
"I think simple furniture is
the best."
"Especially because of all the
strange furniture I grew up
Ooh, plushie! @字@ How cute! @字@
"Whoa, that's a big plush toy!
It's called Rune Saurus, right?"
Cuuute! @字@
Ooh, that's a pretty flower!
Makes me feel relaxed.
Ah! Cath’Quessir!
"That orange statue! I've always
loved it. @字@"
"Who made that pillar with the
human face, I wonder...?"
"Is that a snowman? Won't it
"That artwork...reminds me of
I wonder how they're doing...
Wha?! Why is there an anchor?!
"What the heck do you use that
"Wow, a music player! ♪ What kind
of music do you listen to? Huh? ♪"

Dylas Dialogue Start?
What do you want?
Um, err, nothing...
Then don't talk to me.
What do you want from me?
Um, nothing...
I was just hoping to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, why do you even
bother talking to him?"
"Can't you leave me alone? What
do you want this time?"
What's your favorite food?
What foods don't you like?
When's your birthday?
What's your type?
Who cares?
Why do I have to tell you?
The hell kinda question is that?!
"What do you want? You enjoy
talking to me or something?"
Not at all.
"I want to know more about you...
Is that so strange?"'re a weirdo.
"...That's what I thought. Now
go away."
Hey, you!
...No, never mind.
"There's nothing worthwhile about
talking to me."
"That's not true. I enjoy getting
to know you."
I don't know. I just do.
"Hmph. And what would you do with
the information you learn about
me, huh?"
"Besides, I have no interest at
all in you."
"Please don't say that. Why don't
we talk more?"
That way I'd get to know you...
...and you'd get to know me.
"I'm sure that would make it more
fun for us to talk in the future,
...Well, I'll see you later.
What are you doing?
...I was thinking about fishing.
(Ah...he's talking to me!) you fish?
"(We might've just taken a big
step forward...)"
The other day...
...Actually...never mind.
Tch...Doug's such a bastard...
Why do you say that?
"He's just so annoying. He
always gets on my nerves!"
"I should kick him in the lake
You're so cheery.
...Oh, am I?
"...Yeah. You're totally different
from me."
"How is it you can always talk to
a crotchety guy like me without
the slightest hesitation?"
"Well...that's a hard question to
Don't you...feel embarrassed?
"...Have you just been shy, this
whole time?"
Sh-shut up! And go away!
Did me shy...?
GAH! Don't be stupid! Dammit!
(It's bothering him...)
Do you want to go eat somewhere?
"...Wait, why do I have to go
with you?!"
Hmm...smiling, huh?
"That's a pretty creepy look you've
got right now!"
Wha?! Don't look at me!!
"...I might go visit Doug
Huh? Are you two close now?
"Urk! Wh-wh-why would you think
Um, see...
...NO. You're wrong!
About what?
The other day...
"The other day...
...Um...never mind."
Trying to make me angry?
You're making me angry.
"I'll forgive you if you tell me
what you were going to say."
"The other day...I found this
...You can have it.
Huh? Are you sure?
Yeah. I just...found it.
Thank you!
...!'re welcome.'re welcome.
You're a weirdo...y'know.
Am I?
"You always come talk to me,
for some reason."
"Is there something you wanted to
ask me?"
Hmm? Well...
What's your favorite food?
What's your type?
"I guess I like +milk+ and
+Carrots+? You're like a horse.
D-don't call me a horse!
"Oh yeah, weren't you a horse when
you were a monster?"
Dammit...go away!
...Shut up.
"Can I ask you more questions,
Go ahead.
All right, then...
What foods don't you like?
When's your birthday?
What's your type?
"I don't particularly like
"Oh yeah? How about a sweet
"If it's naturally sweet...wait a
minute. You're trying to make me
into a horse again, aren't you?"
Hee hee, sorry.
It's Day @0@ of +@キャラ0@+.
"All right. I'll be sure to
remember that."
You'll remember it?
"Huh? Of course I will. We're
"...That's...none of your
"Let me ask you a question this
"What's your favorite thing in
the world?"
Oh yeah?
...I should practice cooking.
I see. So do I.
"...I guess this is how you get to
know others."
...Wait, WHAT?!
"How do you like being a waiter
at the restaurant?"
It's a tough job.
It takes a whole lot of skill...
" quickly serve Porcoline's
dishes before he eats them all
"Heh heh heh...bring it on,
"That's...not the usual experience
of being a waiter, I would
"Doesn't speak well of the
restaurant, now, does it?"
Do you like fishing?
It's nice, isn't it?
"A one-on-one battle with the
fish, in a quiet environment."
"That unique atmosphere, where
you have to stay completely
focused on the task at hand..."
"(@ディラス@ is being...
You're missing out, you know.
I am?

This town has a great airship.
"...Though I don't care much for
the figurehead..."
That bastard...
"Did something happen between you
and @ダグ@ again?"
"We just don't get along, always
ending up at odds with one
Like a lover's quarrel...
So in other words...
"They say the more you love, the
more you fight."
"...the horse and the rider
don't get along?"
"...You're trying to piss me off,
aren't you?"
"Porcoline has accepted all sorts
of people into his home."
Me, Arthur, Margaret...
"He must be quite a man to do
all that."
Perhaps so.
"It's not bad getting to know
"I'd never thought I'd be so
interested in others."
I'm glad to hear that.
"There are more things I want
to know about you."
"So...will you continue to be my
Of course.
Thanks. That makes me happy.
I-is that a no...?
I was just messing with you.
Dammit, don't make fun of me!
"Hey, if you're about to go
somewhere dangerous, take me
with you, okay?"
"B-because, I might be able to
help you out, y'know?"
"What'll you do if something
happens when you're all alone?"
Okay, I will.
"Oh, my! What happened to your
Oh, this?
"Porcoline was trying to eat his
own food again instead of serving
it, so I had to grab it away."
"But it was so hot that I burned
myself a little."
Are you all right?
Don't worry, it's not a big deal.
But what's strange...
" that Porcoline was holding
the same dish with his bare hands
and it didn't burn him at all..."
Do you cook?
You do?
"I'd love to try your food
"Well, Porcoline's teaching me how
to cook."
"So I'll cook you something
sometime." you like scenic places?
I do.
Not really.
"...I found a place with great
scenery just outside of town."
If you'd like...w-w-well...
"...wh...why don't you...go there
"I caught a huge fish the other
day. It was about this big."
Wow, that's pretty big!
"I almost forgot how bonkers you
are about fishing."
"Yeah, I love fishing. I love
that quiet struggle..."
"Can't believe this town was nice
enough to welcome a sourpuss like
Yeah, no kidding! Hee hee...
"Especially Porcoline...I can't
thank him enough."
"I'm really glad that I came here.
I need to thank you, too."
You're welcome.
Why have you...kept talking to me?
I want us to be friends.
You've seemed bored.
I'm bored.
I like horses.
"I do you think we're
friends now?"
Of course.
"Yeah, well...back then, I was bored
with everything. I was bored with
life itself."
I guess you've saved me.
Really? That's it?
"I guess I was expecting something
a little more selfless..."
"H-hey! Stop calling me a horse,
S-so...I guess it's come to this.
But what should we talk about...?
The usual, I guess.
The usual, huh?
"Wait...why are YOU so calm?
This isn't fair..."
"You don't smile much, do you,
There's nothing to smile about.
Aren't I fun to be with?
Is it boring...being with me?
N-not at all!
"Sorry...I'm just bad at
expressing my feelings."
"But...thanks to you, life's
been a lot more fun every day."
"More fun than I ever remember
it being."
"So...don't look at me like
Hee hee. I knew that all along.
"H-hey! You tricked me, didn't
you?! You tricked me into saying
something sentimental!"
Whoa! Stop it!
I'm never going to smile for you.
Oh, but you just did!
Something's in your hair.
Don't move.
H-hey, what are you doing?!
"There's something in your hair.
Let me get it."
Y-you're so...close...!
Got it.
You're too vulnerable, you know.
"Wh-what the hell? What's going
...I'm just messing with you.

"I'd love to see some nice scenery
with you sometime."
"Like mountains, oceans, trees...
or flower fields, or something?"
"Well...I'd go anywhere if it's
with you."
"We have enough time. There's no
need to rush."
"You've become a lot more honest,
you know?"
...You think so?
"Like...saying embarrassing things
without hesitation..."
"What embarrassing things are you
talking about?!"
Well...for example...
"AHHH! Don't tell me! I don't
want to hear it!"
Why did you ask, then?
Um, @ディラス@?
Do you love me?
...Never mind.
...! ...! ...!
Well? Do you?
...I don't hate you.
Wrong answer!
It's nothing, really.
Wh...what is it? I want to know!
"You asked me if I loved you the
other day, didn't you?"
"Th-then... Wh-wh-what about
I love you.
I loathe you.
D-d-d-don't be stupid!
"How can you say that without
any hesitation?!"
You're the one who asked.
...Just kidding.
Huh? @ディラス@?
"Do you have...any concerns...
you know, about us?"
Not that I can think of.
A-are you really sure?!
Is something wrong...?
"Uh, no, never mind. Sorry for
being so nosy."
...You're not nosy. Thank you.
Time flies when I'm with you.
It does, doesn't it?
I think it goes slow.
This must be...a happy thing.
"Well...I guess it feels that way


"You know, you might not believe
me, but..."
I...actually do love you.
I could always feel it.
You lie!
...You know me too well...
"I-I'm not lying! Come on, you've
gotta believe me!"
"...I know. I was just messing
with you. Sorry."
You...always do that...
"No I don't. That's just your
imagination. ♪"
...That's a lie right there!
"The other day...Jones was
" important it is to
proclaim ""I love you"" out
...Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hmm? What is it?
Uh...erm, y'know...
"I think the weather's great
today, ha ha ha!"
...Are you all right?
Um, @ディラス@?
What is it?
Choose. Me, or fishing.
"If you had to pick one, which
would it be?"
"(I need to give her a prompt
response, but it's already too
late for that, so...I have to...)"
"...Too late. Question expired.
Forget I asked."
"I-it's not like that, I swear!
I was just trying to think of how
to phrase my answer! Come on!"
...? ...Okay.
I love you more than fishing.
...Th-that's all.
"Wh-what is it?
(D-did I say something wrong
Thank you. ♪
...You're welcome...
"The other day, Arthur actually
sat down and ate with us."
Porcoline seemed so happy...
"That's nice.
(@ディラス@ also looks really
"The other day...Jones was
" important it is to
proclaim ""I love you"" out
...Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hmm? What is it?
Uh...erm, y'know...
I love you!!
I couldn't hear you.
Right back atcha, babe.
Y-you don't have to cry...
"I've been feeling a lot
stronger lately."
Because you're cooking?
Is it the power of love?
"Yeah, maybe. I've been carrying
some pretty heavy packs of bulk
ingredients, after all."
"Seems to have buffed me up
a little."
Wha...could that be true?!
Are you okay?
"Well...I was just thinking about
the future..."
The future? Like what?
I-it's nothing.
Can I ask you something?
Am I the right person for you?
"Of course you are. Otherwise, I
wouldn't be here now."
"...Thanks. I feel the same way
about you."
"It's one of your petty worries,
isn't it?"
You're right...sorry.
"I'm pretty confident about my
"Porcoline's been teaching
me, y'know."
Let's cook together.
I'll leave it to you then!
That's my specialty, too.
That's not a bad idea.
"Sure. I bet you'll be shocked
by the quality of my food!"
The kitchen's mine.
"Wha...then...that's fine,
I guess."
I'll leave it to you.
"Even after we get married... know..."
"Why don't we...go on dates
together...from time to time?"
If you'll take me out.
You want to go somewhere now?
Th-that's awfully sudden...
"But...not a bad idea. Where would
you like to go?"
O...of course!
I-I'll take you anywhere.
What are you plotting, exactly?
N-nothing, really.
Thinking about fishing?
Thinking about carrots?
Thinking about me?
Just kidding.
Did I actually...guess right?
...S-so what if you did! Hmph!
You don't have to be so shy.
"I can't believe I actually did
Did what?
"I served Porcoline's food to
ten people yesterday."
"It's...a new record.
"...Will the restaurant be all
right with numbers like that?
(He's even clenching his fist...)"
Sometimes I wonder...
About what?
"Wh-whether or not I'm being...
a good husband."
Of course you are.
You're not bad.
You're a failure!
"There's no need to worry. I have
no complaints at all."
I'm glad to hear that...
"...Just so you know, I don't have
any concerns about you either."
(I should ask Jones for
Just kidding!
Um...@ディラス@? Hello?
"Call me if you ever need to go
out at night."
Are you worried about me?
I'll be okay.
Yeah. Of course I am.
Thank you.
"...Okay. Maybe I should mind my
own business."
"You love to cook, right,
"So do you want to be a chef
in the future?"
That's actually not a bad idea...
"But my goal for now is just to
deliver all the food to the
customers, where it belongs..."
"Ahaha...sounds like that won't
be too easy, though..."
"Porcoline and Arthur are really
"...and I used to imagine that
that's what it was like to have
a family."
"But in reality, it's much better
than I'd ever hoped for."
"You do get right to the point,
huh? Even after marriage..."
"Ngh...what can I do, though? I've
always been this way."
Don't laugh!
I can't just laugh on cue...
Who's laughing?!
H-huh? What's wrong?!
You're not laughing for me.
"L-like this? How is it? See,
I'm doing it!"
"...That looks incredibly
Well, forget it, then!
Hey, what's up?
...You're supposed to laugh.
"Oops...did that hurt...?
...Well, not really...
...So you were just pretending?
...Kind of.
"It's not much...but this is for
...@アイテム0@? But why?
"Bado taught me how to craft it.
I wanted to make you happy..."
"Have you been using the
@アイテム0@ I gave you?"
There's something in my eye...
Let me see.
*Stuff more gunk in there*
Look at me.
WHOA! A-are you stupid?!
"Don't suddenly come close like's embarrassing."
...You never change, do you?
I wonder who Doug will marry.
You concerned about him?
@ビシュナル@. Gotta be.
"Wh-who gives a damn about that
sad sack?!"
Hold on a moment.
"Now that we're this close, I feel
comfortable telling you..."
"...that I was so nervous when I
proposed. You have no idea."
"I'd never want to go through that
Say it again!
Thank you.
"""I love you more than anyone
Satisfied now? Huh?!
"...I'm the one who should thank

"I'm glad I got to know you,

"Why are you saying that all of
a sudden?"

Come closer.

>>>Scooch closer.
>>>Stand your ground.
What is it?
"I'm not scared of anything.
So I'll just say it."
I really love you.
And I you.
Then I'll go.
Then I'd run.
Wait! Why?!

"One day, @子供ちゃん@ will be
leaving the house..."
"Ngh...but I'll be all right.
I just hope that day doesn't
come too soon!"
"I guess at some point,
@子供ちゃん@ will hate me.
It's part of growing up."
"Hmph. When that day comes...
I'll proudly...proudly..."
"Porcoline's so in love with
Scarily so.
So are you.
"Well, @子供ちゃん@ is so
cute that it's perfectly
"May I teach @子供ちゃん@ how to
...Wait, what am I saying?
Good morning.
...Oh, it's just you.
You look good.
How are you?
Looking good today, too.
Looking good today, too.
Looking good today, too.
"...The sun's awfully bright
Good morning. And yes, it is.
...Bad weather.
But good morning!
...Snow, huh?
Yep. Good morning, by the way!
...Typhoon time. *SIGH*
It'll be all right.
...The snowstorm's here.
"Sure is. Good morning, by the
...Sky's covered in clouds.
"Good morning. Yeah, it's kind of
dreary today."
"The Runeys are flying about.
...I wonder if they're edible..."
"Looks like the typhoon's
getting closer. Be sure you
take care!"
...Good weather.
Hello to you. And yes, it is.
...Bad weather.
But good day!
...Snow, huh?
Yep. Hi, by the way!
...Typhoon time. *SIGH*
It'll be all right.
...The snowstorm's here.
Sure is. Hello, by the way!
...Sky's covered in clouds.
"Hey. Yeah, it's kind of dreary
"The Runeys are flying about.
...I wonder if they're edible..."
...It's so warm.
Yeah, it is.
Lately it's been crazy hot...
Haha. Much too hot, yeah.
Getting cooler recently. 
Yeah, it is.
It's freaking cold!
"Yeah, it could definitely use a
nice thawing."
...It's so warm.
Yeah, it is.
Lately it's been crazy hot...
Haha. Much too hot, yeah.
Getting cooler out there.
Yeah, it is.
It's freaking cold!
"Yeah, it could definitely use a
nice thawing."
"It's the perfect season for
Mmm, no kidding...
It's too hot to sleep...
"Good evening. A-are you
all right?"
"I like it when it cools down like
this. It's much easier to sleep."
Good evening. Yeah, that's true.
"Just when I thought it couldn't
get any colder...night falls!"
Good evening. Yeah, no kidding!

"I'm about to be a father...
It makes me kind of nervous."

"I should go ask for advice on
how to be a good father."
"How are you holding up? Take it
easy, all right?"
"How are you holding up?
Stay safe, okay?"
"How are you holding up?
Is there anything you want
to eat?"
"Try to stay home, all right?
Call me if you need to carry
something heavy."
"I wonder if Doug sells childcare
books...I should have him order
some, if he doesn't."
"Porcoline is surprisingly
knowledgeable about parenting.
Bet you would've never guessed!"
"I'll do all the housework, so
you should rest."
"I hear you're having a baby...
Good luck."
"There's not much I can do, but
I'll be there if you ever need
"It's kind of strange thinking
that Doug's about to be a
"About to be a parent, huh?
Strange feeling."
"Damn...what the hell was I doing
"No...I can't remember. I should
concentrate on what's in front
of me right now."
"I'm supposed to work as a waiter,
right? ...Guess I should be
grateful for what I can get..."
Huh? A ghost?
"Must've been a monster or
something. Everyone's just
I guess...there was a ghost...
How's the big dragon doing?
I've got a...bad feeling...
+Rune Sphere+? +Blue gem+?
"...Oh, I might've seen it at
Thank you!
Why there?
"...No need to thank me. You
asked, I answered. That's how
it works!"
"...I just wanted to try a new
place for fishing."
"I know it's dangerous...
but I couldn’t resist."
"Fishing's not only about the fish
itself, but finding the right
spots to catch 'em, you know?"
"Deciding what bait to use, and
where to throw it..."
"It's all part of the fun of
the sport!"
I-I get it...
That's enough...
"NO! You don't understand
"You see?! So what you need when
Give me a break!
"...There's more than one +Rune
"...But that's the only one I
know of. Try asking around,
I guess!"
"Though I don't know much about
the dragon..."
"...I can't pretend like there's
nothing going on, when everyone
else is working so hard."
"I can't explain it, but I've
been waiting for this moment..."
...I think.
I wonder why...
The dragon's doing better, right?
"That Leon kind of
I remember now...
"...that it was Venti who taught
me how to fish for the first
"...It must've been really hard
for her."
Let's clean up this mess!
Is anyone hurt?!
"Tell me if you find someone, so
I can carry them to the clinic!"
Damn those Sechs bastards!
"Doug, where are they?! I'll make
them regret they even THOUGHT
about invading our little town!"
"Maybe I'll bring this dish to
What's that?
I-it's nothing!
A floating island...
"...If you're going there, make
sure that you're really ready.
It's pretty dangerous, y'know!"
"You're about to go slaughter
the Sechs, right?"
"It's time for you to show them
how strong you really are."
"We can't keep being depressed
just because Venti's not here."
"Who knows? She might eventually
come back."
"Are you about to go to the
Not yet.
Um, you know...
"...Be sure you ask me before
you leave too, okay?"
Venti's back, isn't she?
"Hmph. She'd better know how
worried we were..."
Th-that was a close one...
"The dish served to the gourmet
was made with the last
ingredients we had available."
"I mean, seriously, does Porcoline
not even SEE the customers? Are
they invisible to him?!"
Illuminata solved a case...?!
"That's a new case in and of
Awww, that's mean!
Kiel gave me some +scrap metal+.
"But what the hell am I supposed
to do with that?!"
"Was it Margaret who wrote that
song?"'s not bad.
Clorica's staying awake?
"...I think that means there'll
be a storm tomorrow."
"Yesterday's bath was especially
"It gave me enough energy to clean
the whole restaurant."
So he won, huh?
"Guess this town has a truly
skilled butler to boast about."
Do you want your own butler?
"I'd rather get an extra hand to
help serve food."
"Doug carried Blossom to the
"Guess he can be kinda nice
"Has it changed your perception
of him?"
"...Well, I guess he deserves a
little bit of a compliment this
"Margaret's been pretty noisy
since early this morning."
What's all the hubbub, I wonder?
"Everyone's trying to give
something to that dragon."
"Though I doubt they even know
what she likes."
"What kind of food does Venti
like to eat?"
"Maybe it's about time I cook
her something..."

Slumber Party?
"Looks like this is the only place
we can use as a gathering spot."
"Ah... Arthur? Are you sure we're
not bothering you?"
Don't worry. It's fine.
"That's right. Everything is
perfectly okay."
He wasn't talking to you.
You finished the job, then?
"Yes, almost. But there is
something left to do for
You don't mean...
"Everyone could've used my room 
if it was big enough."
You mean, if it were clean?
Oh, come on, that's not fair!
"Man, all these books are huge!
And... complicated-sounding..."
"They're quite interesting. You're
welcome to borrow one, if you'd
N-no, I'm good, thanks!
"If that offer extends to me as
well, I'd like to borrow one."
"Seriously? You can read stuff
like that?!"
"Well yeah, of course. Don't lump
me in with you when it comes to 
hitting the books!"
"Man, you sure know how to
hit where it hurts sometimes..."
"I'd like to borrow this one,
if I may."
Wha? You too?!
"Oh, wow! Can't believe you have
a rare one like this in your
collection! May I see it?"
No way! Even you?!
"Hey, Arthur, did you get in
that book I ordered?"
Sure did. Here you go.
"Holy crap. Am I really the only
one here who doesn't read?"
"I can give you some picture
books, if you want."
Keep 'em, dammit!
"Doug is the life of the party,
isn't he?"
"He really is. And he's great at
gathering people together."
"What the hell? Uh, okay...
Yeah, this is good. Praise
me! Praise me HARD!"
"If only he were a bit more
And a bit less noisy!
"At least I'm not a Dyllie Downer
like you!"
He was such a good man, once.
"Hey! Stop talking about me like
I'm dead or something!"
You lose, Doug!
Ahhhhh! Wait! That doesn't count!
That's pretty pathetic, you know.
Why don't you just accept defeat?
"Arghhh! I almost won that time,
Just once more! Come on, guys!
You seem bored, Arthur.
"No. I'm not bored. Actually, I'm
quite enjoying myself."
"Perhaps...I was much more bored
when I was serving as prince in
the castle."
"But you could do anything you
wanted there, right?"
"Nothing of the sort, no. One's
rights must be tempered with
duty and obligation."
"Besides...being able to do what-
ever you please isn't all that 
exciting either."
"It just seems far too predictable
and passe for someone with dreams
and ambitions."
"But suddenly my life turned into
this. And this is what I truly
wanted. "
You hear that, @しゅじんこうくん@?
"I really appreciate what you did
for me. Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Ah... Y-You're welcome...
Hey, Arthur. What are you doing?
"Let's pick up where we left off,
shall we?"
Sure. I'll be right there.
"Oh, and Kiel? This is the book
you wanted, I believe."
Thank you, Arthur.
"What kind of book is it? Is it
all science-y or philosophical
or something?"
No, this one's a cookbook.
A cookbook?!
"I already perfected all the
dishes in the one I was using
Are you serious?!
You gotta be kidding me...
"Why don't you let Forte cook
"Well...she might blow the
house up, for one..."
"Better with the sword than
with the skillet, eh?"
"Kiel, won't you teach me your
secrets? I've been training to
cook in my spare time."
"Wha?! I... I don't know if I'd
really be of much help, though..."
"Porcoline's way of cooking is too
fast for me. I can't follow him. "
"Umm... Okay. Next time, then,
we'll cook together!"
What's the matter, Vishnal?
"Oh, please excuse me. I've had a
very, very busy day."
You sleepy? You can sleep here.
"May I? 
A short nap, then, perhaps..."
"...Whoa. Out like a torch.
He must've been beat!"
It certainly does seem that way.
"I wonder how long he's been
working without sleep..."
"Too long, I'm sure. 
Vishnal's always been like that."
"He probably worked himself so
hard, he didn't even have time
to realize how tired he was."
We should leave him be.
"Doug and Dylas...
You two are actually very close
friends, aren't you?"
"People do say the best type of
friend to have is the type who's
not afraid to pull any punches..."
That's preposterous!
"And true. Everybody knows you
two are like bread and butter."
"Don't be stupid! How the hell
could I ever be friends with
this dumbass?!"
"That's right! You tell 'em,
you mush-brained moron!"
You bet I will!
"You guys should just get married,
right here and right now."
Aha ha ha...
How do you read this, Leon?
Huh? Ah, this is--
"Excuse me, Leon. 
Could you come help me?"
Sure. Be right there.
"Ah, wait, Leon! I called you
I called him first, not you!"
"Haha. Leon's quite popular,
it seems."
Yeah, with guys! It's not fair...
"Though I guess there are worse
fates than babysitting this
"Is there anything I can help
you with?"
Huh? Well...
Leon! C'mon!
"Sorry. Time's up. 
Catch you later!"
"Okay, it's time to close the
restaurant! Let's start cleaning
Yes, Meg!
Man, I hate this part...
DYLAS? No ditching, okay?
Urk...I know!
"We're always in the red...'cause
you won't stop eating, Porco!"
Na ha ha ha!
It's not funny!
Has it always been like this?
...Yeah, pretty much.
"It's a miracle the place hasn't
closed down already."
That's certainly true!
"Whoa, hold up! This can't be
right, can it? We actually made
some profit today!"
"Meg, are you sure you didn't
I'm positive! See for yourself!'s a miracle!
I guess miracles do happen...
We did it, Meg! Om nom nom...
"This would be a regular occur-
rence if Porco would just stop
picking at all the food..."
Why is he so quiet?
Uhh, Porco? Hello?
"Oh, I was just thinking about
the past..."
"I don't think I've heard all that
much about your past. What was
it like?"
"I'm sure I have a portrait around
here somewhere..."
Ooh! Can I see?
I'd like to see it too.
Here we have it!
All right! Let's check it out.
" this you, Porco?! It
looks like a total stranger!"
It can't be! Who is this?!
"W-wait...who's that beautiful
woman next to you!?"
"She looks like an elf. Was she
your girlfriend!?"
"Um, why are you staring at me,
"There's nothing fun about
watching Margaret, believe
me. I've tried it."
Shut your mouth, Dylas!
"You sure have grown into
a beautiful woman, Margaret."
H...hey, Porco! Cut it out!
You're making me blush!
"Are you all right, Porcoline?
You must be exhausted..."
...Thanks a lot, Dylas.
"Don't you agree with me,
Of course!
WHOA! Even you?!
AHH!! My face is burning!!
...S-see? It's just you, Porco.
"You know, come to think of it,
I saw this odd couple hanging out
by the restaurant the other day."
Strange how, exactly?
Well, I overheard them talking...
"Man: ""Why don't we eat here?""
Woman: ""It looks expensive...""
Man: ""It'll be fine! My treat."""
"Woman: ""But... I'd feel bad.""
Man: ""Really, it's my pleasure.""
Woman: ""Can we split the bill?"""
"Man: ""I can't let you do that.""
Woman: ""And I can't let you pay!""
Man: ""But I was the one who..."""
"They just kept going on and on
like that. Back and forth, never
reaching any conclusion."
Is that...
I thought, enough is enough...
" I yelled at them to get the
hell inside if they're eating."
And then they just ran off.
What is WRONG with you?!
"That's not how you treat
Nice kick, Meg!
[Received @アイテム0@.]
"The restaurant was pretty busy
Yeah...I'm beat.
"You gave it your all today,
Yeah, you're a great waiter.
"Don't you think so too,
Hey, don't ask around!
Why not?
I think he is.
Not really.
Wha? What are you saying?!
Awww, don't be shy!
"Admit it, hearing @しゅじんこうくん@
compliment you made you
"Dammit, let me clean and close
the store already!"
"Looks like there's a long way
to go until you can impress
"...Pfft. Who cares, anyway?
@しゅじんこうくん@'s not the boss
of me..."
This is delicious!
Mmm, it really is!
SO freaking good!
Porcoline's cooking is brilliant!
"I agree. He's a world-class chef,
for sure."
"Well, of course. That pretty much
goes without saying."
"And just why do you feel the
need to point that out?!"
"I'm agreeing with everyone,
that's all! Sheesh!"
"I never thought I'd eat anything
this delicious in my entire life."
"Only problem is, once you start
eating it, you just can't stop!"
"Perhaps that's the source of
Porcoline's girth."
"Yeah, when he cooks for himself,
he probably has the exact same
"I'd get fat too if this is what
I had to eat everyday."
"I don't think it's that he can't
stop eating, though, but that he
won't. He's a total glutton."
"Yeah, rather than flavor...
It's more the act of eating that
he enjoys. "
"It seems today's lunch is nothing
but fish."
I got a lot of fresh fish today.
It's a good day. A very good day.
"I'm glad we have sashimi here. 
It's hard to eat broiled fish."
"Me, I'm glad for the broiled
"One mustn't pick and choose so
much. Best to eat what you're
He's right. Don't be picky.
But you don't like milk, Leon.
But I'm special.♪
What the hell...
What about you, Vishnal? 
There's nothing I won't--
You don't like turnips, right?
Be honest with us, please.
"Porcoline, can you whip up
something turnip-based for
Vishnal here?"
"Hey, Porco! A nice, big, heaping
order of the turnippiest turnips
you've got for our buddy Vishnal!"
Here you go!
Wh-What is wrong with you two?!
"As a butler, you shouldn't be
picky. Consider it a professional
You can do it, Vishnal!
This is so cruel!
"...Okay, so we've got the food,
but where are the ladies?"
Who knows?
"Well, at least we can relax and
enjoy a meal."
"What kind of man are you?!
Come on, Kiel, back me up here!"
I'm fine with things as they are.
I agree with Kiel.
Stop staring at us.
"Sorry, Doug. 
Afraid you're on your own here."
You guys are hopeless.
All right! Let's eat!
"Wait, Vishnal. What are you
It's @アイテム0@.
Looks yummy. Can I have a bite?
"Certainly, if I may have some
of yours in exchange."
Sure. Here you go.
Many thanks. And for you.
"Okay, let's eat! ...Geeeh?
Where'd mine go?!"
"I'm sure I don't know what you
mean. You must've eaten it
already and simply forgotten."
"Ehhh?! B-But, I haven't even
had one bite..."
"They say the memory's the first
thing to go, you know."
We'd better eat while it's hot. so weird...
...Hmm? Oh, Leon. It's you.
You seem bored.
Not especially.
"Don't try to hide it. You have
nothing to do right now, do you?"
"I think you're the bored one
here, man."
"How's your fishing going these
Umm... Not bad, I guess.
What have you caught?
"Mast trout and squid, mostly.
There's a lot of both in this
What else? Anything interesting?
"Geez, if you're going to be this
bored all the time, get a hobby!"
Did you catch the big one?
"No, there aren't any big fish
around here to catch, really."
"What? No, I definitely just saw
a really huge one over there."
What? Where?!
"Right there. Get in close to the
surface. You should be able to
see it."
"Maybe you need to look...
Ughh! Damn you, Leon!
Ha ha! Catch you later, sucker!
"Hey, @しゅじんこうくん@...
Who do you like better, me or
"Dammit, Leon, what kind of
question is that?!"
"Hmm? I'm just trying to determine
which, of the two of us,
@しゅじんこうくん@ likes better."
Yeah, I got that!
So? Which is it?
You're both #1 in my book!
What? What are you...?!
"Good for you, Dylas. But I'll
get you for this later."
What the heck is even going on?!
Don't cry, Dylas.
I wasn't about to!
"Good answer. And let's not ask
questions like that again, Leon,
okay? It's embarrassing!"
"Hey, Dylas... I have something
I wanted to discuss with you..."
"(What could it be? He looks
pretty serious...)"
What is it? Maybe I can help.
Oh, thanks. It's about Forte.
"Forte...? Wait, don't tell me...
Yep, exactly!
"She tries to cut me every time
I give advice to Kiel."
...Excuse me?
"I'm just telling him what he
needs to say and do to be a
fine, upstanding man."
"But every time I do, she starts
blushing, and then she gets
violent! So what do I do?"
"Sounds like you know exactly
why she's getting angry, but
you just...don't care."
Dylas, here. It's a +carrot+.
Uh, yeah...and...?
"Oh, come on! Fine, then. This
is for you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Uh, erm...
Swing it to the right.
Swing it to the left.
Do you really think...
Swing it up.
Swing it down. can lure me with this...?
"Well, well. Fancy seeing you
in a place like this."
"A place like what? What are
you implying?!"
"Anyway, have a seat,
"You can sit next to me. Right
"W-Wait. I think it's more
comfortable over here."
"So, @しゅじんこうくん@? What are
you going to do?"
"Which side are you on? Which seat
will you take?"
"I think I'll go take a bath now
or something."
Sounds good.
"Hey, can you pass me that over
Huh? Oh, this?
You guys seem like good friends.
"We were just talking about you,
"Don't worry, though. Nothing
too racy."
Uh...that's good, I guess?
Actually, Dylas likes yommrrff--
"Yogurt. I like yogurt.
And that's ALL."
"Unless you'd care to have me
share something about you too,
"Man, nothing's been going my way
lately. My concentration's really
a few fish short of a hatstand."
"I don't think that means what you
think it means."
"What are you talking about? It
means it's getting worse and
worse, doesn't it?"
No, it means you're crazy. 
"Which might not be too far off,
come to think of it..."
"No, that can't be right...
Are you making this up?!"
"Sounds like something I'd do.
But no, I'm quite certain."
God, you are such an idiot.
...Takes one to know one!
Why is it cold in winter?
"Why are you talking about winter
in summer?"
I'm just curious.
"Okay, then. The reason it's cold
in winter is because the position
of the sun is-- "
"Y-You know, maybe I'm not all
that curious after all..."
You don't like winter, huh?
"I can't move in a cold weather. 
That's why."
Are you an animal or something?!
"Mmm. No sense complaining about
it, though, I guess."
"Maybe we should eat something
warm this winter."
"Yeah... How about we all go
for some hot-pot together?"
The heck're those?
Ah, these are documents.
"You're a place
like THIS?!"
"Hey, now! What's that supposed
to mean?!"
"Don't worry. I have no intention
of working HERE."
"Again with the intonations! What
have you got against this place?!"
"It's just paperwork. I can finish
it after I go home."
"Hey, Doug. You know what to do,
Give those here. I can help you.
Huh? Um, but...
It's easy enough for Doug, right?
"Hey! What's that supposed to
This is my job, though...
"C'mon. It's all right. Is there
any reason we CAN'T help you?"
Well, I guess not, but...
Then that settles it!
You tell him!
...Thank you very much.
"Next time, though, you gotta pay
me, okay?"
"Who do you think is the most
popular guy among us?"
(There he goes again...)
Hmm... I'm not sure.
Let's ask @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Out of the three of us, who
would you say is the biggest
None of you gits.
"Wh-What are you talking about? 
It can't be me..."
"Did I really lose to this
"So you prefer cool-looking men,
"Hmmm... I just don't see it,
I see, I see...
Oho! Really?!
"Man, you've got awful taste,
you know that?"
Hey, now, don't be jealous!
"Just don't get carried away.
It doesn't mean anything."
"I always knew you were a good
judge of character!"
I see...
"Crap, I thought for sure I'd get
It can't be you. Not a chance.
I never thought you'd pick me.
Damn it all...
"I didn't expect you guys to be so
Shouldn't even have asked.
"The truth will remain forever
clouded in mystery. But that's
okay! Right, everyone?"
"Right. I'm getting tired of 
talking about this anyway."
What's that supposed to mean?!
It means what it means!
Hey, guys. Listen up.
"Fishing is a war of attrition,
between us and the fish."
"It's only us and them out there.
A sacred moment in time. A quiet
time for a personal battle."
Man, it's just fishing...
"Quiet! Don't you dare disrespect
this fine recreation with your
dismissive tone!"
If you'll die!
Wha?! How?! Why?!
Listen, Doug.
"It's life and death out there.
For me, anyway. I stake my life
on it. It's a matter of pride!"
"It is not JUST fishing. Is that
He's right, Doug.
"You shouldn't have said ""just.""
You're sealing your fate when
you do that. Dylas loves this."
Sheesh! S-Sorry...
Hmph. As long as we're clear.
Ugh! I just don't get it!
Fishing is soooo boooring!
What did you just say?!
"Ha ha. They're like brothers, 
aren't they?"
"You think so? They seem like
mortal enemies to me..."
"Hey Arthur, this is from
"Ah, wonderful. Please thank him
for me!"
"Why don't you thank him in person
next time you're at the
Haha. That's a very good point!
"I'll try to eat there as much as
I can, as I can't keep having you
deliver food."
"Arthur, are you that busy with
"...Guess I don't need to ask,
really. You clearly are."
"Since I love what I do, I often
lose track of time."
"But perhaps there is...a limit to
how much one should enjoy his job?
"Yeah, don't worry, I don't see
that ever happening to me."
"It's not just the work, though.
I also just love this town, and
all the people in it, so much..."
"...Yeah, I can understand that.
Still not going to make a work-
aholic out of me, though."
"Oh, please don't get me wrong!
My words aren't meant to
insinuate anything about you."
"I just genuinely think this is
a fantastic town."
"Yeah, I know. And so does
everyone else."
"(Arthur's got glasses on display
here, too. Glasses everywhere!) "
"That one's made from a light and
soft material."
"It's quite remarkable, as it's
entirely sturdy, yet comfortable
enough to be worn for days!"
"One of the most popular pairs of
glasses around today, if you ask
...Which I didn't.
"Well, you were looking at it,
though, no?"
"Er, I guess. But I was just
marveling at how ma--"
This one over here--
All right, that's enough!
"Dylas, would you like to try on
this pair of glasses?"
No, no. No thanks.
What are you guys up to?
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"I'm trying to show Dylas just how
wonderful glasses can be..." having him try on a pair.
But he simply won't do it!
"I don't need 'em. My eyesight's
totally fine."
"But don't you think he'd look
great in them, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
Not as great as you.
I think I'd look better.
"See? @しゅじんこうくん@ agrees
with me."
"Gah, stop it! Put those hands
"(Though, if @しゅじんこうくん@ wants
to see them on me that much...)"
"Gah, what is wrong with me?!
Shake those thoughts from your
head, idiot!"
Who, m-me...?
Phew...thank goodness...
"It's nice of you to say that,
"Oh, of course! Why don't you
try this one?"
Phew...thank goodness...
Plush toy, huh? Hmph...
Sure seem to like flowers...
What's that huge statue...?
"I don't understand why it's here.
Doesn't seem to have much form
or function to offer."
Human-faced statue...?
"Can't imagine what the sculptor
was thinking, but...I guess if
people like you are buying it..."
"Is that a snowman? Won't it
"...It's hard to comment on
art like that."
What's that anchor used for?
Whenever I see a ball...
" makes me want to kick it or
something. Just...move my body,
you know?"
"What a huge stuffed animal.
It's...a Rune Saurus, right?"