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"A lazy blacksmith who shrugs nonchalantly when told he's in the red and continues dreaming up schemes on how to make more money. He's talented with forging, but not much of a salesmen, as his get-rich-schemes are so over-the-top that they always go up in smoke. Still, he could never really outright lie to anyone, so the townspeople don't mind his antics."
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Bado (バド, Bado) is a character in Rune Factory 4.



He is a dwarf and a blacksmith who has little enthusiasm for work. What Bado really wants in life is money, and his lack of ambition in his work spills into this goal, as he doesn't have any particular idea what he'd do if he got rich. Rather than take the time to make quality weapons, Bado would rather think of get rich quick schemes. Despite this attitude, he doesn't particularly like scamming people, so many of his efforts fall flat. He will constantly promote things that sound useful (or not) but are quickly revealed to be rubbish when the protagonist takes a closer look at their title.


Bado is a well-built man with slightly tanned skin and small blue eyes, matching his short hair and beard. His ears are pointed, like Doug and Margaret.


Because he wants to appear a very busy man, Bado likes useless items like Scrap Metal, which he can litter around his work area. Unsurprisingly, his lack of work ethic and many failed schemes often leave his business in the red. Many of the townsfolk, particularly Forte, are constantly on his case to do his job. His constant failure is even a joke among some. Nonetheless, he persists in his lazy and irresponsible ways. He will even advertise some of his latest crazy scams in the middle of festivals.

Despite this, Bado does have talent. While most of the swords he makes are so dull they make for better bludgeons than blades, the sword he made for Kiel and Forte's father was so finely crafted that no matter what strain was put on it, it never broke. Bado is also incredibly strong, and can lift large crates of weapons with a single arm, much to the surprise of the protagonist.


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Vishnal and Kiel are the only people in town who might not see through him.


Loved "What, you have something for me? Oh hey, [Item]! Can I have it? Thanks! I love these things."
"Is this [Item] for me? It is? Great! Thanks. See, I love rice bowl dishes."
Tempura Bowl, RF4Egg Bowl.png Egg Bowl

"Oh, hey! @アイテム9@! Thanks. I like these."
"I like Scrap Metal, because it's pretty much useless. But if I have a lot of them lying around, it looks like I'm working when I'm really not."

"Oh, hey! [Item]! Thanks! I carried these around a lot once, so I guess I got used to eating them. Somehow, that turned into liking them. Funny, isn't it?"
"Oh hey, an onigiri. Is it for me? Thanks. I like these."

RF4Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal, RF4Onigiri.png Onigiri, RF4Salmon Onigiri.png Salmon Onigiri
Neutral Hey, can I have this? Thanks.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Hey, @アイテム9@! Is it for me?
It is? Great! Thanks!
Udon, Curry Udon, Tempura Udon, RF4Scrap Metal+.png Scrap Metal+

"Ore, eh? This stuff is only really useful for forging things, so I don't need it. ...What. Did I say something weird?"

Urf...[Item]. Y'know, I don't like the smell of cheese, and this here smells like it a lot. Funnily enough, if you mix it with things I love, it isn't all that bad. Things like, say, Egg Bowl.

Cheese Fondue, RF4Iron.png Iron, RF4Bronze.png Bronze


35 2400 181 49 8 49 120 98 8
Weapon Type Default Shield
Longsword Zweihaender+





  • Bado shares the same birthday as Herman from Rune Factory 2.
  • Just like Sakuya, Bado loves the thought of making money, but in a totally different way. Sakuya is very enthusiastic about her job of selling items at her small store in Miyako Inn, not scamming people, while Bado, on the other hand, comes up with ridiculous (and maybe unbelievable) scam tricks. Despite their different ways of how they try to make money, they hope to become extremely rich someday. They also will comment about making money when you try to sleep in their bed, such as Sakuya offering to let you sleep in her futon if you give her plenty of gold, while Bado jokingly offers a bed to a customer with him sleeping beside you.
  • Despite coming up with scam ploys, he actually hates it when they seem to be succeeding and coaxes his customers out of the deal, such as when Lest and Frey were offered Amnesia medicine.
  • Bado has the same English voice actor as Dylas. They are both voiced by DC Douglas.