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Ayngondaia Lawn (シナナサ草, Shinanasa Kusa) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 4

Ayngondaia Lawn
RF4Ayngondaia Lawn.png A rare plant. Imbued with incredible vitality, rumor has it that this bright bouncy has rejuvenating qualities.
Category Plant Sell 33G Buy -
[Effects] [Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 30


Neutral Xiao Pai Icon.png Xiao Pai Illuminata Icon.png Illuminata Leon Icon.png Leon


  • Final room in the Revival Cave. The Ancient Bone must be defeated to access it.
  • It does not spawn every day. It seems to be random.


  • If the Ayngondaia Lawn is inside your inventory when you faint, you will revive and it will be consumed. This can happen as long as you have at least one in your inventory; there is no cooldown.
  • It doesn't seem to do anything when used to upgrade gear, aside from increasing the item level.