Ymir lifting a one of these islands, note the enormous size of these monoliths compared to Ymir

Description: Something lies beneath the waves...

The Ancient Statues are giant stone heads that lie in many places in the ocean bed of the Fenith Sea. They hold a variety of treasures and monsters.


Ancient Statues are enormous monoliths that provide temporary islands that the Player can explore in order to train or find treasure.


On top of the Stone Head

The layout of this island is one of a small "stadium" and three portals straight in the center of this "arena". The treasure chest is found on top of the bleachers that are right in front of the entrance stairs.

These islands can be found in Quadrants B-4, C-5, F-5, G-7.

These stone heads are similar to the one found on Statue Island.

On the Island


  • Trolls
  • Wooly
  • Black Hyenas (?)
  • Dark Unicorn
  • Geist
  • Goblin
  • Goblin Pirate
  • Mimic
  • Monster Box
  • High Orc
  • Orc
  • Orc Archer
  • High Orc Archer
  • Orc Viking
  • Spring Flower

and many more...


  • Small Treasure Chest (via Treasure Chest)
  • Monster Drops like Cloths, Fangs, Claws, Ores, and Crystals


These Ancient Statues have little importance except for a few requests, like one from Mikoto.

Other than that one can use the diverse monster wildlife to level out.


  • These Stone Head monoliths, according to statements by Elena and the description of Statue Island, were made long ago by people from an Ancient Civilization.


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