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Description: Something lies beneath the waves...

Ymir raising an Ancient Ruin

Ancient Ruins are a type of Temporary island that are rarer than Shrines, Statues, and Nameless Islands but usually contain much stronger monsters than their compatriots.

They are commonly found in the Northern Section of the Fenith Sea.


Ancient Ruins as seen from the Landing party, note the "Super Gate" dead ahead

Ancient Ruins are, as their name states, ruins that lie at the bottom of the sea. They seem to be influenced by both Japanese Pagoda and Hellenic Columnar styles. The bird's eye view during the salvaging sequence reveals it to be in a cross like shape with four canopies at each end. Once the player lands, there is one Monster Gate at the very center of the large open area and two gates at the top and left end canopies as well. The Treasure Chest is found at the top canopy, the one directly across from the entrance. Ancient Ruins can be found in Quadrants A-5, C-3 NE, G-3.

On the Island


  • Goblins
  • Purple Elefun
  • High Orc Archer
  • Spring Flower
  • Scorpion
  • Buffalo
  • Black Bird
  • High Orc
  • Black Hyena
  • Troll (via "Super Gate")
  • Tricky Mushroom


  • Monster drops such as Horns, Fangs, Talons, Grasses, Hides, Knife Pieces, etc.
  • Small Treasure Chest (via Treasure Chest)


Ruins do not serve much for the storyline, but one of the few things they serve for is being a supplier for items that can be used for forging and making accessories.

Other than that, their higher level monsters provide a great way to level your character up for Elemental Shrines or other Islands.


  • Although never explicitly stated, the Ancient Ruins were most likely made by the Ancient Civilization that ruled the Fenith Sea long ago, making the Shrines and Ancient Statues, and quite possibly the Elemental Shrines themselves.