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Alvarna Clinic is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


In addition to selling potions, the Clinic offers a few services. If you select a service but do not have enough gold to pay the fee, the doctor always lets it slide.

"I'm not feeling well..." (100 G).

If you select this dialogue, the doctor will cure any status effect you are currently under.

"I wanted a RECOVERY POTION..." (100 G)

You can craft a Recovery Potion for you if you have 100 G, an Empty Bottle, and 3 Medicinal Herbs. If you lack any of these components, the doctor turns you away.

AntidotePotion.png Antidote Potion 325 G Antidote medicine that is much easier to swallow than its herb form.
Para-GonePotion.png Para-Gone 750 G Medicine that cures paralysis of the body. As a bonus, it also heals 30 HP.
RoundoffPotion.png Roundoff 500 G Medicine that cures the sealed status. As a plus, it also heals 30 HP.
ColdMedicine.png Cold Medicine 875 G Catch a cold and you'll need to ask fast. Use the power of science to fight all illnesses!
Neutralizer 100 G The best way to deal with poison in the fields! Totally neutralizes it! Fantastic!
Formula A 2,000 Fertilizer. Speeds the growth of crops by 1 day. You'll see the difference one day after use.
RF4Medicinal Herb.png Medicinal Herb 30 G A wild medicinal herb that can be used to recover HP, so long as you can stand the bitter taste.
RF4Antidote Grass.png Antidote Herb 60 G A wild herb that cures poison. Very bitter. How bitter? Let's just say..., very, very bitter.
RF4Black Grass.png Black Grass 90 G Grass as dark as the night sky. Often gets trampled, as it cannot be seen once the sun gows down.
OrangeGrass.PNG Orange Grass 30 G Grass the color of the summer sun. Just looking at it can give anyone a boost of energy.
RF4Red Grass.png Red Grass 30 G It's passionate, flame-red hue somehow promotes its growth, making it grow faster than other grasses.
RF4Yellow Grass.png Yellow Grass 30 G Said to bring good luck. Many people carry a hunk of it in order to boost their financial luck.
RF4Blue Grass.png Blue Grass 30 G So cool to the touch, it will give one chills. It has a calming effect, and is often used in medicine.
RF4Green Grass.png Green Grass 30 G Regular green grass. Working hard to achieve indivicuality after being called "plain" for so long.
RF4Purple Grass.png Purple Grass 30 G Top-quality grass. Very proud, it will only grow in top quality soil.
RF4Indigo Grass.png Indigo Grass 30 G Calming grass. Said to spontaneously sprout at the feet of arguing people, so that they make up.
RF4White Grass.png White Grass 150 G Beautiful, pure white grass. Due to its color, it is easy to miss after a snowfall.

Inner Locations

First Floor

The clinic section of the building. Ray, Natalie, and Dorothy can be found here during the day. Douglas and Gordon come by during Festivals. According to Douglas, Tanya sometimes joins them, but her character never appears there.

Second Floor

The second floor is where Natalie, Ray, and Alicia live. During the second generation, this is also Sera and Serena's home, and their mother (either Rosalind or Yue) lives here, too.