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Alvarna Academy is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Alvarna Academy is where Aaron and Aria can learn crafting recipes, use crafting stations, train combat skills, and connect to other players over wi-fi. It is located in Cherry Blossom Square in Alvarna.


Expansion cost: 1,000 G and 100 Wood

The Library's main function is as a wi-fi portal to play minigames with other players. But it is necessary to complete the game because there are a number of Missing Pages hidden here.


Expansion cost: 1,000 G and 100 Wood

The Workshop is home to all the game's crafting station. When you first unlock it, it's only an empty room. Fixtures like the Forge and Kitchen, which allow you to start crafting, can be purchased from Yue. It's recommended to purchase all the Bargains that Yue offers as soon as possible, except the Music Player, which is unnecessary.


The Forge is where you can craft weapons, tools, and accessories. For detail on what you can craft, ingredient lists, and how to craft, see Crafting (RF2).


The Kitchen allows you to practice Cooking. For more detail on what you can cook, ingredient lists, and how to cook, see Cooking (RF2).


The Pharmacy allows you to craft Potions. Potions-related lists and recipes are included under Crafting (RF2).


The Appliances allow you to turn Milk, Eggs, and Fleece into Cheese, Mayonnaise, and Yarn. They also allow you to turn any Crop into a bag of seeds.


The school is not available to build until Kyle is married and his child is born. After the child is born, talking to your wife will prompt a dialogue in which she expresses concern for the child's education and asks you to talk to the mayor about building a school. Talk to Byron while he's in Mayor's House 1F. The school will cost 10,000 G and 1,000 Wood, and will take only one day to build.

When Kyle approaches the school, the first generation ends.


Both teachers only give two lessons per day, so be sure to attend school every day!

To learn cooking and accessory recipes, visit the school between 9:00 AM and 11:30 PM and talk to Mana at the head of the class. Select "I'd like a lesson." For more information on different recipes, see the Cooking page.

To learn weapon, tool, and potion recipes, visit the school between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM and speak to Barrett at the head of the class and select "I'd like a lesson." For information on different recipes and how to craft them, see the Crafting page.


To build expansions, Aaron or Aria needs to talk to Mayor Byron while he's in Mayor's House 1F. All of the school's expansions must be unlocked and explored in order to complete the game. When you first build the Workshop expansion, it will be empty. Purchase the tools from Yue by selecting "I'd like a bargain. See Yue's page for more information on tool costs and availability.==Reference==