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Alvarna (アルヴァーナ, Aruvana) is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Alvarna is a maritime city relatively far from Kardia. As a city, it's smaller than the capital of Norad.

Inner Locations

Falling Star Path

Like in the name of this area, this is a quite beautiful dating area at night where once in a years, lots of shooting stars could be seen. In order to stay away from crowds, Barrett and Jake like to keep their distance and relax in this area during festival day's. Sometimes Cecilia and Dorothy may join the boys there as a date.

North Square

On the left, during sunny business days, Yue sell her specials goods as a travel and gift's merchant.
This places gather people especially during festival's days. On the right side is a free lot you could buy to build your first and last Barn.
During special occasion, you may encounter some citizen travelling by from a town area's to an another. Villager's prefer passing there than using the main street, next to the sea.
The Barn
The barn cost 5,000 G and 100 Wood pieces and start with 4 floors. Each floor could contain up to 4 monsters and Pet foods could be drop into outdoor barn's hole to create 10 more monster's feeds.
The outside sing serve purpose of monster's management menu, as similar to the one into the previous game's version.

to the others villagers.

  • Differently from the first Rune Factory, you don't have to manage feeds inventory on every floors. However be short of monster's feed make them lose friends points.
1F - BF3 First Floor Basement Floor 1 Basement Floor 2 Basement Floor 3
BF4 - BF7 Basement Floor 4 Basement Floor 5 Basement Floor 6 Basement Floor 7
BF8 - BF11 Basement Floor 8 Basement Floor 9 Basement Floor 10 Basement Floor 11
Go to a deeper floor
BF12 - BF15 Basement Floor 12 Basement Floor 13 Basement Floor 14 Basement Floor 15
BF16 - BF19 Basement Floor 16 Basement Floor 17 Basement Floor 18 Basement Floor 19
BF20 - BF23 Basement Floor 20 Basement Floor 21 Basement Floor 22 Basement Floor 23
Go to a deeper floor
BF24 - BF27 Basement Floor 24 Basement Floor 25 Basement Floor 26 Basement Floor 27
Basement Floor 28


RF2 House.png

You gain the house in Rune Factory 2. at the start of the game just for being amazing you. This is where you'll save the game and sleep.


1st Floor

1 Bookcase.   • 2 Diary.   • 3 Shelf.   • 4 Refrigerator.   • 5 Chest.

  • A spellbook can be found from inside the bookcase. You'll be able to find a FIREBALL spell when you first explore it. Also, there you can learn the basics of combat.
  • A diary is used to save the game, here at any time.
  • Inside the shelf and the refrigerator, you can store any non-edible item, or food here. Capacity : 30 Item's each.

Per example quest items could be stored inside the shelf and seed's bags could be stored inside the refrigerator.

  • For the chest, Until the 2nd Generation, this chest only have a decorative capacity. Kyle's would story his old tools inside. Aaron and Aria could found them there after 8 years.
  • You can also examine the Fireplace, but it doesn't seem to have a use. When examining it, the protagonist says "Ah, there's nothing like a warm fire.

2nd Floor

6 Double Bed.   • 7 Vanity Mirror.   • 8 Single Bed.   • 9 Diary.   • 10 Calendar.

  • The Double Bed, allows you to sleep and skip to the next day. You'll replenish HP and RP when you sleep. When you marry, your wife usually stands in this area. If you feel lonely, you could use the Single Bed, as it works the same as the Double Bed.
  • This vanity Mirror, Allows you to exchange items with other people via the Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • This diary works the same as the one on the 1st floor.
  • On the wall facing north, this Calendar give every festival and theme's days dates. In addition to that, whenever someone tells you their birthday, it will be marked on your Calendar; as long as you don't forget it.
  • The small bookcase / wardrobe, on your left give you a Magnifying Glass the first time you explore it. During the second generation, Aaron and Aria could use this wardrobe to change their outfit and cloth. In addition to that, some special event may unlock you some more outfits.
  • This Magnifying glass is used to see the quality of your crops. May help you find where you previously have used fertilizer on your crops.

Your Farm


  • Field : Here is the largest field where you can raise crops, in the game. Crops variety's depend on the current seasons. Unfortunately during winter's, fresh fallen snow make this field unavailable for farming. The same happen to the small fields inside Alvarna's Academy (outside of school during the second generation.); previously the Cherry Blossom Square.
  • Monster : Harvesting, watering, wood-cutting and stone-breaking, are a few moves that your tamed monsters could be assigned to, to help in you farm's fields. Starting up at 8 am, assigned monster's will start at the top left and will move in horizontal rows , across the entire field (both tilled and untilled land.)
  • Tools : At start, your fields will be absolutely covered with grass, weeds, wood's and stones, in a design similar to an after storm's days. In order to removes stumps and landslides you may require more tools than the one you got from your starter's set.
  • Water : On the left and top side of your field, there is a small body of water with a waterfall, and a well next to your house. Into theses two locations, you can fish and you can refill your watering can.

49050-Rune Factory 2 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon (U)(XenoPhobia)-4.png

  • Into this corner lie also a Wood Shed. Wood from logs and stumps chopped with an Axe is automatically deposited here. You can also deposit logs by hand. When you examine the wood shed, Kyle states how much wood is currently on hand, and you can withdraw wood, or leave it alone.
  • Mailbox : On festival's days, Byron stands near your house. Near your farm's door you could find a mailbox where you can find sometimes a flyer for a sale at any town's stores.
  • Near the door is also a shipping box. During the first generation, Mana would pass every afternoon until 3pm to take over his content. During the second generation, this is Douglas who work the deal, until 5pm. As precise as a clock, at 3pm all goods you have deposited inside the shipping box will be shipped and the profits automatically added to your on-hand gold.
  • Shipping Box. Deposit items here to sell them. Examining the shipping box will display information on your crops and records.
  • 1 Farm Name and 3,4 total record's box heading
  • 12, 2 Crops or current Records box heading

    Shipping Box Menu

  • 5,6 Total achievement on ship-able items which have been deposited in the box (100% means you have shipped every possible item in the game at least once.) 6 There is also the current achievement on ship-able items in the selected category
  • Total 3 gold, 7 wood and 8 feed on hand
  • The 4 total, 9 the most, and 10 the least you've earned from one item
  • 12 - 17 A display of the current item being viewed; at the top left of this box is an icon of the item, to the right of this is the item's name, and below is a brief 11 description of the item. To the right of these is 11, 17 the level (grade) of the item, if you are viewing a 19 fish, the 18 size of it appears in the second box, and the 20 earnings from a quantity of one appear at the bottom
  • 12 View Crops
  • 13 View Potions
  • 14 View Accessories
  • 15 View Cooking
  • 16 View Fish
  • 17 View Curios
  • 18 Sorting Options; automatic, or sort by total earnings in descending or ascending order
  • 19, 20 Item name, and Total earnings from corresponding item

East End

De Sainte-Couille Park


West End

Table of content

From left to right. Buildings and their residents...

Mayor's House

Open: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Second generation options
I want to talk to you I want to make the barn larger (7). I want to make the school larger (3) I don't need anything right now.

Cherry Blossom Square

-Rune-Factory-2-A-Fantasy-Harvest-Moon-DS-DSi- .jpg

You could usually find Barret resting into this peaceful and quiet places. Spring make this area be the must for any date. In the second generation, this is where our town's school would be built.


This area represent the Rune Factory 2's school. You can have access to 3 different small locations from there: Alvarna Pond, Alvarna School main buildings (the classroom), and the Dojo.

The school is divided into 4 different parts.

As the main building is built during the first era, Aaron and Aria could invest into 2 extension and into a new buildings, which includes Library and the Academy Workshop. Outside, the Academy-Dojo could be built.

To make rooms for the schools, the bench from the cherry blossom squares must have been removed, but not the cherry trees. After it's freely furnished, outside of the Academy, you could find 2 9x9 small square of soil fields. You can grown your own choice of grass' flower during every season, except winter because of the snowfall.


This area is used for internet communication involving monster's Also, fishing there can provide seasonal fish. Only few villagers visit this place; Yue could be found there during festival's days and into the second generation, Cammy like to pass her lunchtime into this refreshing place.

Alvarna Chapel

Open: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Gordon (resident, employee)
  • Cammy (resident)
  • Dorothy (resident)
  • Trivia : As friends, Rosalind and Julia like's to gather into Dorothy's room.
  • Trivia : As for Cammy, Roy's like to visit her inside the chapel.
  • Trivia : Every characters could be seen inside the chapel when they deem most opportune.

Eagle Inn

  • Egan (resident, owner)
  • Jake (resident)
  • Cecilia (resident)
  • Trivia : Unfortunately, Egan would offer you only once if you would like to stay for the night, as one of Cecilia's request.

De Sainte-Coquille Manor

Open: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Trivia : In the first generation, Egan could be found inside the kitchen during Diner time. In the second generation, he is more likely to be found from lunch time to diner time. Occasionally Byron could be found toward Herman enjoying food and his special sense of humors.
  • Trivia : Cecilia free time are harder to find than the reverse. She work everydays from 9am to 6pm inside De Sainte-Coquille Manor, but finish 1 hour earlier on every Friday. When she is not at work, she wear a different outfit making her being the fist characters for the series to wear more than 1 cloth set.

De Sainte-Coquille Park

Cammy and Roy can often be found on the East side of the park, playing together. On competitive Festivals, you can join the competition by talking to Herman at the North end of the Park. In the first generation, Yue sometimes sells her goods in the Southeast corner.


  • Notice Board
    • Re-playable or not, characters requests could be read on this notice board. The same happen to the engagement's request.
as example
Let Me Tell You Your Fortune
Super Training Plan: Strength!
I Dropped Something...
RF2 Bulletin Board SGH1 example.png
  • Yue's as a travel merchant
Yue's Shop
Inventory Shop


Icon Charge Description Birthday Gift for:
Fried Rice
3780G Rice and egg fried together in oil. The light, fluffy eggs are what make this dish great. Douglas
Roasted Yam
1820G A slow-roasted yam. Prevalent in the fall, often baked in the flames of a campfire. Mana
Seafood Pizza
4140G A pizza topped with shrimp and squid. Looks fantastic, and smells great, too. Julia
Fried Udon
4280G The first person to fry udon is said to have done so on a whim. Now it is widely loved. Natalie
Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring.png
4880G An emerald's brilliance adds beauty to any hand. Alicia
Grape Juice
2300G Fresh grape juice. Very sweet, with a strong, enticing aroma. Ray
Amethyst Ring
Amethyst Ring.png
5020G An astringent, cool amethyst which creates a calm, mature atmosphere. Gordon
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam.png
1060G A sweet preserve made from strawberries. Generally eaten spread on bread or toast. Dorothy
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate.png
1880G Chocolate added to warm milk. Don't drink it too often, or you'll get cavities. Cammy
3280G Milk and vegetables boiled together. A creamy white stew is one of the most popular varieties. Egan
Aquamarine Brooch
Aquamarine Broach.png
4080G A brooch set with an aquamarine. As boldy blue as the depths of the ocean. Cecilia
8800G A metal ore used to make weapons and accessories. Very rare, and hard to obtain. Jake
Ruby Ring
Ruby Ring.png
6320G Has a mysterious, appealing design. Look deep inside the ruby, and you'll get lost in its passion. Tanya
French Fries
French Fries.png
1740G Peeled and sliced potatoes fried in oil. So crispy, salty, and addicting. Roy
Seafood Doria
Seafood Doria.png
4000G Doria that contains the best of the sea. Packed with seafood and rice, so it's sure to fill you up. Byron
Skipjack Sashimi
Skipjack Sashimi.png
1540G Slices of raw skipjack tuna served up for consumption. Barrett
Curry Rice
Curry Rice.png
3600G A mealtime staple, so much so that there isn't a soul, adult or child, who has not tasted it. Herman
Hot Milk
Hot Milk.png
1400G The simplest of dishes. Just warm milk. Very relaxing, it's relaxing, it's perfect on a sleepless night. Rosalind
Snapper Sashimi
Snapper Sashimi.png
2940G Slices of raw snapper served up for consumption. Often thought to be a dish that brings good luck. Max
Cabbage Cakes
Cabbage Cakes.png
3630G Cabbages added to a water and flour paste, then baked. The exact recipe changes depending on region. Yue

Alvarna - East End

Winter - Alvarna - East End.png

Alvarna Clinic

Hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Inventory Shop


Icon Price Description
Antidote Potion 325G Antidote medicine that is much easier to swallow than its herb form.
Para-Gone 750G Medicine that cures paralysis of the body. As a bonus, it also heals 30 HP.
Roundoff 500G Medicine that cures the sealed status. As a plus, it also heals 30 HP.
Cold Medicine 875G Catch a cold and you'll need to ask fast. Use the power of science to fight all illnesses!
Neutral Agent 100G The best way to deal with poison in the fields! Totally neutralizes it! Fantastic!
Formula A 2000G Fertilizer. Speeds the growth of crops by 1 day. You'll see the difference one day after use.
Medicinal Herb 30G A wild medicinal herb that can be used to recover HP, so long as you can stand the bitter taste.
Antidote Herb
60G A wild herb that cures poison. Very bitter. How bitter? Let's just say..., very, very bitter.
Black Grass 90G Grass as dark as the night sky. Often gets trampled, as it cannot be seen once the sun gows down.
Orange Grass
30G Grass the color of the summer sun. Just looking at it can give anyone a boost of energy.
Red Grass
30G It's passionate, flame-red hue somehow promotes its growth, making it grow faster than other grasses.
Yellow Grass
30G Said to bring good luck. Many people carry a hunk of it in order to boost their financial luck.
Blue Grass
30G So cool to the touch, it will give one chills. It has a calming effect, and is often used in medicine.
Green Grass
30G Regular green grass. Working hard to achieve indivicuality after being called "plain" for so long.
Purple Grass
30G Top-quality grass. Very proud, it will only grow in top quality soil.
Indigo Grass
30G Calming grass. Said to spontaneously sprout at the feet of arguing people, so that they make up.
White Grass
150G Beautiful, pure white grass. Due to its color, it is easy to miss after a snowfall.

Pumpkin General Store

Open: 9:00AM - 6:00PM. Closed Holidays.
  • Douglas (resident, owner)
  • Mana (resident, employee)
  • Trivia : Alicia could be seen sometime on the first, and on the second floor, talking with Mana.
  • Inventory from the general store
  • Trivia : Milk and Eggs are not sold into every season's section.
General Store

Don't feel shy 'bout spending' that allowance, kid!

Spring Special
BackPack Shop
Moondrop Seed.pngToyherb Seed.png30px
Grass Seed.pngCherry Grass Seed.pngLamp Grass Seed.png
Blue Crystal Seed.pngEmery Flower Seed.png30px
Oil.pngCurry Powder.pngDumpling Powder.png


Icon Growth Menu Price Description
Pink Turnip Seeds 4 Spring Special 490G Sown in Spring. Allows beautiful pink turnips to be grown.
Strawberry Seed 8 - 2 Spring Special 2700G Sown in Spring. Grows very sweet fruit. Multiple harvests possible, takes 2 days to bear fruit.
Cabbage Seed 11 Spring Special 390G Sown in Spring. Takes time to reach Fruition, and persistence is needed to grow them effectively.
Moondrop Seed
Moondrop Seed.png
6 Spring Special 260G Sown in Spring. An easily-grown flower.
Toyherb Seed
Toyherb Seed.png
12 Spring Special 725G Sown in Spring. A delicate flower that requires a little hard work to grow.
Onion Seed 7 Spring Special 345G Sown in Spring. One of the easiest Spring vegetables to grow.
Cherry Grass Seed
Cherry Grass Seed.png
60 Spring Special 4900G Sown in Spring. Takes a long time to grow. Blooms with light pink flowers
Lamp Grass Seed
Lamp Grass Seed.png
90 Spring Special 12000G Sown in Spring. Takes a long time to grow. Mainly used as an ingredient in medicines.
Blue Crystal Seed
Blue Crystal Seed.png
100 Spring Special 16200G Sown in Spring. Takes a long time to grow. A blue, crystal-like seed.
Emery Flower Seed
Emery Flower Seed.png
120 Spring Special 27000G Sown in Spring. Takes a long time to grow. Its golden seeds are often mistaken for real gold.
Pink Melon Seeds 20 Spring Special 4200G Sown in Spring. The efforts of a sweet girl created these cute seeds.
Grass Seed
Grass Seed.png
9 - 3 Spring Special 150G Sown any time aside from winter, and then cut to make feed for monsters. Multiple harvests possible.
Summer Special
BackPack Shop
30pxPineappleSeeds.PNGPink Cat Seed.png
30pxGrass Seed.pngIronleaf Seed.png
Clover Seed.pngFireflower Seed.pngGreenCrystalSeeds.PNG
Curry Powder.pngDumpling Powder.pngFriedEggs.png
Cucumber Seed 10 - 6 Summer Special 1100G Sown in Summer. Multiple harvests are possible, takes 6 days to bear fruit.
Tomato Seed 10 - 4 Summer Special 990G Sown in Summer. Nutritious tomatoes. Multiple harvests possible, takes 4 days to bear fruit.
Corn Seed 14 - 3 Summer Special 900G Sown in Summer. Takes time to completely grow. Multiple harvests possible, takes 3 days to bear fruit.
Pumpkin Seed 12 Summer Special 840G Sown in Summer. Seeds of a large, green pumpkin.
Pineapple Seed
20 - 5 Summer Special 3700G Sown in Summer. Takes a time to completely grow. Multiple harvests possible, takes 5 days to bear fruit.
Pink Cat Seed
Pink Cat Seed.png
6 Summer Special 275G Sown in Summer. An easily-grown flower.
Eggplant Seed 9 - 3 Summer Special 1450G Sown in summer. Multiple harvests possible, takes 3 days to bear fruit.
Ironleaf Seed
Ironleaf Seed.png
40 Summer Special 85000G Sown in Summer. Takes a long time to grow. Has unique properties that gather iron.
Clover Seed
Clover Seed.png
60 Summer Special 64000G Sown in Summer. Takes a long time to grow. Lucky seeds that bring good fortune when grown.
Fireflower Seed
Fireflower Seed.png
90 Summer Special 4900G Sown in Summer. Takes a long time to grow. Black seeds that look like gunpowder
G. Crystal Seed
100 Summer Special 14850G Sown in Summer. Takes a long time to grow. A green, crystal-like seed.
Grass Seed
Grass Seed.png
9 Summer Special 150G Sown any time aside from winter, and then cut to make feed for monsters. Multiple harvests possible.
Fall Special
BackPack Shop
Potato Seed.pngCarrot Seed.pngYam Seed.png
Spinach Seed.pngGreen Pepper Seed.pngCharm Blue Seed.png
Grass Seed.pngAutumn Grass Seed.pngPom-Pom-G.-Seed.png
Oil.pngCurry Powder.pngDumpling Powder.png
Potato Seed
Potato Seed.png
7 Fall Special 220G Sown in Fall. Has surprisingly beautiful flowers.
Carrot Seed
Carrot Seed.png
9 Fall Special 495G Sown in Fall. A vegetable suited to the beginner.
Yam Seed
Yam Seed.png
6 - 3 Fall Special 740G Sown in Fall. Multiple harvests possible, takes 3 days to bear fruit.
Spinach Seed
Spinach Seed.png
5 Fall Special 395G Sown in Fall. Like carrots, an easily-grown vegetable suited to the beginner
Green Pepper Seed
Green Pepper Seed.png
10 - 6 Fall Special 1725G

Sown in fall. Highly nutritious. Multiple harvests possible, takes 6 days to bear fruit

Charm Blue Seed
Charm Blue Seed.png
12 Fall Special 1100G Sown in Fall. Watering every day is vital.
Autumn Grass Seed
Autumn Grass Seed.png
60 Fall Special 6750G Sown in Fall. Takes a long time to grow. Reddish, oval seeds.
Pom-Pom G. Seed
90 Fall Special 3500G Sown in Fall. Takes a long time to grow. Soft white seeds.
Red Crystal Seed
100 Fall Special 17400G Sown in Fall. Takes a long time to grow. A red, crystal-like seed.
Grass Seed
Grass Seed.png
9 Fall Special 150G Sown any time aside from winter, and then cut to make feed for monsters. Multiple harvests possible.
Winter Special
BackPack Shop
Turnip Seed.pngNoel Grass Seed.pngDaikon Seed.png
Leek Seed.pngBokChoySeeds.pngHot-Hot F. Seed.png
Oil.pngCurry Powder.pngDumpling Powder.png
Turnip Seed
Turnip Seed.png
4 Winter Special 255G Sown in Winter. A simple vegetable that's great for a beginner to try their hand on.
Noel Grass Seed
Noel Grass Seed.png
40 Winter Special 8500G Sown in Winter. Takes a long time to grow.
Daikon Seeds
Daikon Seed.png
14 Winter Special 1650G Sown in Winter. Takes a long time to bear fruit, if ever.
Leek Seeds
Leek Seed.png
6 Winter Special 840G Sown in Winter. An easy to grow winter crop.
W. Cabbage Seed
11 Winter Special 1200G Sown in Winter. Takes a short while to grow.
Hot-Hot F Seed
Hot-Hot F. Seed.png
20 Winter Special 4850G Sown in Winter. Takes a tad bit of time to grow.
Fur Sleeping Bag RF2FurSleepingBag.png Any 560G Used to sleep outdoors. Allows for a good, deep sleep, but can't be used if monsters are nearby
Any 5G Monster feed. Surprisingly nutritious and sweet, it's something of a treat for monsters
Any 90G A beloved staple of the dining table. Goes well with all other foods.
Any 150G Smooth and sweet. The standard by which all other sweets are judged. Can also be bitter.
Any 640G An alcoholic beverage made from grapes. Its smooth, adult taste has captivated millions.
Youth Grass
Any 250G Deep blue grass from foreign land. Said to be good for maintaining beauty.
Flour Any 200G Powder made from wheat. A vital ingredient in a large number of dishes
Any 300G Mainly used when frying foods to prevent burning or sticking, and to bring out flavor depth.
Curry Powder
Curry Powder.png
Any 70G Powder which forms the basis of curry. Created from a blend of various spicy herbs.
Dumpling Powder
Dumpling Powder.png
Any 70G Powder from which rice dumplings are made. Creates a sticky, squishy texture.
Fried Eggs
Any 690G The definitive home-cooked egg dish. Its taste changes depending on the amount of love applied when cooked.
Small Milk
Any 120G A small amount of milk taken from a Buffamoo in Messhina Valley. High in

calcium and other important nutrients.

Small Eggs
Any 110G A small egg taken from a Cluckadoodle. Encased in a fragile white shell.

Wisdom Bathhouse

Open: 3:00PM - 12:00AM. Closed Mondays
  • Julia (resident, owner)
  • Trivia : Where the owner like to take up to 3 bath in a day, you can only go once a day.
  • Trivia : Everyone take a bath. Try to find everyone encounter's time.

Alvarna - Port

Table of content

You can take the boat here to Blessia Island. Alicia hangs around here on every sunny day that isn't a festival.

Tell me my Fortune
Weather Reading
Tomorrow's weather
I want it to be clear tomorrow.
I want it to be rainy tomorrow.
Never mind.
Location Reading
Douglas, Mana Gordon, Dorothy, Cammy Byron, Barrett Sera and Serena
Julia Egan, Cecilia, Jake Herman, Rosalind, Max Orland, Leonel
Nathalie, Alicia, Ray Tanya, Roy Yue Leann
Someone Else Someone else Someone else Never mind.
Hollyhalla! Jami-lala! Wahala!!!
Love Reading
Never mind.

New in Second Generation


  • Yue shop position
  • Barn's floor could be added
  • New school inside the previous cherry blossom square
  • Cecilia's position change during holidays
  • Rival wedding effects upon characters' schedule
  • Douglas replaces Mana for the shipping box management
  • Every bed becomes used inside every house.