"My readings are always right! And even if they are off a little bit sometimes, who's to say I can't help to make them happen?"

Alicia (アリシア, Alicia) is the fortune teller who can predict the weather, change the weather, tell you where characters are and give you love readings. She is the daughter of Natalie and older sister of Ray. Even though she is very skilled at reading the weather, she makes her readings about the future "come true" by causing them to happen. For example, on her first request she will do a fortune reading on you, she will tell you that she sees "unexpected money-loss in your future" and then will charge you a large amount of money for her readings, even though she asked to do a reading on you.


Her mother is against her fortune telling and often tells her it's a waste of time and that she should get a real job. Despite their arguments, Natalie loves Alicia very much. Unlike the other bachelorettes, when you give her a present that she really likes, a diamond for example, her friendship level will go higher but her love level won't. The best way to get her heart level up is to get her to do readings for you.


RF2CrystalBallCrystal ball
The ancient tool of a fortune-teller.
Said to reveal the future when gazed into.

Alicia's engagement item is a Crystal Ball, which will be obtained through a request for it by Alicia. When given to Alicia, you will prompted for whether you want to marry her or decline marriage for the moment, of which then proposal would still be possible if you present her the crystal ball again.


Alicia offers a number of predictions whenever you speak to her in the dock area. She will offer a prediction of the weather, of any character's current location or a 'love reading' to determine which girls have a romantic interest in you.

Her Weather and Locations predictions are always accurate, while her love readings will be too, though she will ignore Julia. When any eligible girl attains 6 Hearts (Love Points), Alicia will be able to tell you.

She may be able to change the weather for you (for a price) but this may not always work (ex: day before a festival). If you marry her, her predictions will be free (some benefits to this marriage after all!) but she will tax your child double.


Unlike the other bachelorettes, giving Alicia gifts only increases her friendship level, not her heart level. In order to increase Alicia's heart level, you must pay her for her fortunes. Asking her to festivals such as the Flower Festival and the Dancing Festival also increases her heart level, as well as completing her requests.



"I Love this, but...I would have liked it on my birthday." (When given on a day that isn't her birthday.)

Emerald Ring

Favorite Gifts:

"I'm so happy! I love it! Thank you! [Gen 1: But if you really want to capture my heart, get your fortune read!]"

Diamond, Strawberry, Pumpkin Pudding, Diamond Ring, French Toast


"Well, I can't say I like it or hate it..."

Fruit, Trash, Strawberry Milk, Prelude to Love, Boiled Spinach, Pudding, Strawberry Jam, Diamond Brooch,


"What! I absolutely hate this! I don't want it."




  • She will only see a girl in her love radar if you get the girl that she's reading at 6 hearts.
  • She won't ever pick up on Julia in her love readings.
  • Her mother wanted her to be a doctor.
  • In the second generation, unless she had married Kyle, nothing will change.