Aden (アゼル, Azel) is the male protagonist and one of the bachelors for the female protagonist in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. He is an Earthmate and childhood friends with Sonja.

Aden is the main character at the beginning of the game. Like several main characters from previous games, Aden has the ability of an Earthmate through the use of a spirit wand. For an unknown reason, his best friend, Sonja, is forced to share his body, having two consciousness inside. After completing the main storyline, player has the option to continue playing as Aden or to play as Sonja.


He is a fairly easy going, and happy-go-lucky guy. He is sometimes incredibly dense, and he is often quite blunt. Despite this he is fairly caring, and will do anything to help someone out.

He is known as a bit of a busybody, constantly moving around.

He's a tad oblivious to the affections of others, particularly among girls with affection toward him. This is most evident during his friend/love cutscenes with Violet and Odette, both of whom attempt to take him on a date. Both dates end with limited success due almost exclusively to Aden's inability to comprehend, something which Sonja points out as to help the girls realize it his fault it failed, not theirs.


He is later revealed to be from 200 years from the past; a displacement caused when time magic was used by Pandora to summon the 4th Dragon princess, Sonja, but whose body was stolen by the Masked Man. Since she was summoned but did not have a body, Aden was chosen as a host. He opts to stay in the "present", believing that he fights for the island and people he loves, regardless of time. He also learns he is the Dragon Knight, protector of the Dragon Priestess'.

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Level Items Reaction
Love Sushi
Like Bamboo Rice, Mushroom Rice, Chestnut Rice, Rice Balls
Disliked Cold Medicine


When playing as Sonja, Aden can be found training outside the Inn with Mikoto and helping with patrol. During Holiday events he can be found just outside Sonja's home.



  • He and Sonja are the second protagonists of the game who did not suffer from amnesia, the first ones being Aaron and Aria
  • His weapon of choice are the Dual Blades, which he wields in all the cutscenes where he takes out a weapon.
  • Bacchus wants him to think of him as a grandfather.
  • Lily wants him to think of her as an older sister.
  • Gerard wants him to think of him as a father.
  • In Rune Factory 4, the NPC Mistress Trupin mentions meeting a strange couple, a man and a woman sharing the same body, a reference to Aden and Sonja.
  • Aden’s 9 heart event isn’t triggered by talking to him, but rather occurs upon entering the church garden at ANY point after restoring Sonja and playing as her. So if you play as Sonja, no matter how you cut it, it will always be canon that Aden harbored feelings for her.
  • Aden has the same birthday as Camus from Rune Factory.
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